PS4 owners are finally having chances to touch this gorgeous warship title! Lately, in ChinaJoy 2019, the developer Fantian has announced its warship game - Refight: The Last Warship is coming to PS4 as well!

If you're interested in the naval warship gunfights, let's check this trailer below to see how this game looks:

The story behind Refight: The Last Warship

Refight: The Last Warship takes the settings of an imaginary sea area. It's the Maritime Silk Road, an area lies in the vast Pacific Ocean. In the past, this region was a strategic area that consists of a lot of resources and convenient transportation. That's why many countries have been fighting strenuously for this region in World War II.

Unfortunately, after the many fights in this area, a lot of ship wreckage has polluted this region. Consequently, people only remember it as "The Lost Sea", although its potentials are still there.

Refight The Last Warship Ps4 Announced 11
This beautiful area was destroyed by many battles

However, as wars are looming again, the Maritime Silk Road is expecting more warship to return!

About its gameplay

According to the developer, Refight: The Last Warship is a tactical warship shooting title. Basically, it allows you to control your ship in the Maritime Silk Road, doing everything you can to survive in this battlefield.

Dealing with the weather

To remind you, the weather in this area is not always ideal. At times, it will be raining heavily or extremely gloomy with thick fog. All of these things will affect your vision, preventing you from having a clear look. That's very crucial because you're supposed to avoid hitting random bombing area and the heavy storms.

Refight The Last Warship Ps4 Announced 3
Avoid landing in the bomb field in the gloomy weather

While doing that, you'll also have to keep your mind together to deal with your enemies attacks. Dodge enemies fires and torpedoes, and then blow them up to survive to the end.

Explore the area

Combats are not the only things in this warship shooter. Additionally, the resources lying in this area is waiting for you to explore! Materials here are very vital but scarce, so you must be very sharp with your senses to smell them.

Refight The Last Warship Ps4 Announced 8
The map provides you with a lot of information

They will appear randomly among the map, so you can take advantages of your map understanding to gather them. You can use them to upgrade your ships. Or else, you can use it as a bait to trap your greedy enemies down.

Refight The Last Warship Ps4 Announced 2
You can loot those materials to upgrade your ships

Shot down your enemies

The combats in this game take the battle royale format. You and 29 more players will head to this naval battleground, trying to blow other warships up. Speaking about warship, the game features three kinds of warship for you to choose from. They include the Battleship - the true artillery one with one-shot kill potential, the Cruiser - basically a tank with decent storage and the Destroyer - the assassin-type ship with ultimate mobility and spying capability.

Refight The Last Warship Ps4 Announced 1
There are three types of warship for you to choose

To be able to shot down your surrounding opponents, you can choose from three available striking methods. You can fire your main gun at your opponents directly, unleashing torpedoes sneaky under the water, or launch a missile on the air and land on their board. The real combat situation will be different, and it's up to your choice!

Refight The Last Warship Ps4 Announced 9
You can choose from three different attacks

Capturing islands

Last but not least, Refight: The Last Warship allows you to capture some islands. On there, you can hide your warships and avoid getting hit by torpedoes.

Refight The Last Warship Ps4 Announced 5
Hide your ships behind the islands

On the other sides, dealing with enemies hiding on islands requires certain scouting strategy. Whoever gets the right angle to strike will be the final winner.

Release date and supported platform

There's no exact release date for Refight: The Last Warship right this moment. However, you can join in the battle with many other players now through Steam Early Access.

Refight The Last Warship Ps4 Announced 10
The game is available for free now on Steam Early Access

Like other tactical shooting titles, the game is completely free to play. It also supports Multiplayer modes as well, further deepening the strategy elements.

Refight: The Last Warship is coming for PC and PS4. The developer hasn't stated anything on cross-play support yet.