It sounds kind of hard to believe when you say it out loud, but it has actually been over 5 years since the Flappy Bird phenomenon took the world by storm. Some loved it, some hated it, but no one can deny that this viral sensation created by Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen left a permanent mark on the gaming industry.

The success of Flappy Bird gave rise to tons of clones and copycats, but the game also became an inspiration for many game makers. Remember the fighting game Flappy Fighter that we reported before? It looks bizarre at first glance, but behind that actually houses some incredibly solid and fun gameplay. While the stream of Flappy-based titles has been slowing down of late, it has apparently not died down just yet, especially with the open beta release of Flappy Royale today.

Flappy Fighter
Flappy Fighter is a Flappy Bird-inspired game that, despite the bizarre appearance, has some solid gameplay

Yes, Flappy Royale is precisely what you think it is. You’ll play a Flappy Bird game alongside 99 other players and the goal is to try your hardest to be the last one remaining. Think of Fortnite, but with less shooting and building and more… Flabby-Birding? Heck, even the bus that carries the players into the battlefield is there. The level changes with each game but of course everyone will play in the same layout. Check out the gameplay video below to see for yourself how everything goes in this game:

Despite the ridiculous premise, Flappy Royale surprisingly works. It turns out playing Flappy Bird is a LOT more fun when you have 99 others to compete with in real time.

The open beta of Flappy Royale is available right now on both Android and iOS, and you can even access it straight through your web browser as well. The full launch is set to arrive next month. For more information, visit the game’s official website.