One of smartphone users’ favorite game in 2017 was the captivating platformer “Cat Bird”, which was developed by Ryan Carag, also known as Raiyumi.  The game features astounding pixel arts, good mechanics, and a level of smoothness that you don’t expect to see from a first game released by a solo developer. Following Cat Bird’s major update in the autumn of 2017, the developer went quiet for a while, however, the silence was finally stopped this week as Raiyumi announced his release of a brand new game known as Boost Buddies.

Overcome several hazards on your way

As mentioned above, Boost Buddies is a blocky arcade game with the main objective of advancing through multiple sophisticate obstacles to gather crowns. With a Flappy Bird-like mechanics, players only have to tap on the screen to boost your characters up by a little bit and try to avoid the obstacles that are trying to eliminate you.

Boost Buddies Trailer

According to a trailer released by Ryan himself, there has been only one mode in Boost Buddies, which requires the player to defeat several levels of randomly-generated obstacles which will be arranged in an increasingly difficult manner the more checkpoints the player reaches. Also, in order to make it through the next round and gain experience to level up your character, the player has to gather a crown. Leveling up will also unlock different stat boosts. There is also gold which the player can earn by finishing in-game tasks, or simply collecting the gold which randomly appears on each checkpoint. The gold can be used to buy various random new characters, each worth 100 gold.

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Boost Buddies is expected to be free of advertisements once you have made a one-time IAP. The game will be released on 14th February. Fans of one-hand mobiles game better mark your calendars.

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The crown awaits!