From the Devolver Digital publisher, Heave Ho is a very absurd and interesting game at the same time. You will only have one goal in this game, don't let everyone fall to death. There can be up to four players in the game, each controling a character swinging each other across the map to get through the level. Check out the trailer of the game below.

You find all the characters in the game have unusually long arms with weird body shape, but that's normal and perfectly fit with the theme of the game. And playing with friends will give you another level of awkwardness when you "accidentally" throw them in the wrong place or fail to catch them.

Heave Ho Reveal Trailer 0 28 Screenshot
Swinging around happily so you don't fall to death

How to play Heave Ho is pretty simple. You will use the thumbstick to stretch the double-jointed arms of your character out to any direction and hold the left and right buttons to grab onto objects or another player with your hands.

Heave Ho Reveal Trailer 0 49 Screenshot
Things might not always work out as you think

That being said, it's not easy at all, and you will need to use your head more than your hands to win this game. And the multiplayer is where fun will be since you absolutely have no control over the other hands. Placing your hands at the right place to swing around is hard enough, trusting your friend to catch you in the middle of the air is even harder.

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A great friend trusting exercise

Beginning levels will be fairly simple, but the game will gradually add more obstacles like spikes that you have to avoid. There will be coins along the way, but they won't just disappear into your bank account like in Mario. You will have to grab them physically and carry them to the goal while trying not to fall.

If you and your friends are interested in swinging each other around like mokey then stay tuned for Heave Ho, coming on August 29 on PC (Steam) and Switch.