Coming from developer Top Secret Developments, Ships of Glory is a new naval combat sim with a strategy-focused gameplay that also has MMO elements integrated. The game is currently available for both Android and iOS.

The gameplay is probably best described as an endless deathmatch in which you’ll be navigating a huge, detailed landscape filled with islands, ports, and strategically positioned passages. In general, player engagements are not limited by any rules. Ships in this game are divided into different tiers, with tiers 1 being the lowest and tier 5 being the highest, and while a tier 1 ship can be in the same area as a tier 5, they won’t necessarily have to engage in combat. Additionally, tier 1 ships are usually a lot faster, so they can usually escape if the situation goes south.

Aside from tiers, ships also belong to several different categories, including Patrol Boats, Submarines, Cruisers, Torpedo Boats, Dreadnoughts, Destroyers, Battleships, Cargo Ships, and Hospital Ships. Naturally, each type will have its own functionality, and using the right ship for the right task at the appropriate moment will take you far.

Ships Of Glory 1
Ships in this game belong to many different tiers and categories

Moreover, they all have differing stats that you have to learn and build your strategies around. To keep things fresh, the Hospital and Cargo ships also have their own special missions in the combat area for you to try to complete.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a naval combat sim without explosive weaponry, and Ships of Glory offers a massive arsenal for you to lay waste to those unfortunate enough to cross your path.  Aside from the usual turrets and torpedoes, you have hedgehogs, depth charges, and even devastating mines to make short work of any opposition.

Ships Of Glory 1
A massive collection of explosive weaponry for you to lay waste to your enemies

If you’re looking for a cool new naval combat sim to play on your phone, Ships of Glory is a solid option. You can get it right now on both Google Play and the App Store.