The original Deemo game first came out for Android and iOS back in November 2013. Realizing its success, the developer has made another port of the game for PS Vita in 2015 and Nintendo Switch later in 2017. At those times, the game only sees some little upgrades to match with newer standards.

However, today, Rayark Games has marked an important milestone with their long-favorite title. Specifically, they introduced Deemo Reborn - a complete game exclusive for PS4 with major changes from the original 2D visuals to gorgeous 3D graphics!

You can see some of the biggest changes in the beautiful and harmonizing trailer below:

The story of Deemo Reborn

As I've mentioned before, Deemo Reborn will keep everything in the intriguing story of the original Deemo game. And if you've never heard of this title, here's the summary on the game's story for you:

Deemo Reborn tells the story of an unnamed little girl. Once upon a time, there's a girl fall out from the sky into this strange world. In there, she meets a pianist - Deemo. I don't know how to explain about Deemo's visual, as he's basically a dark shadow with a mysterious musical power.

Deemo Reborn Upgrades From 2d To 3d Graphics With
Deemo is a cute girl that fall out from the sky

Feeling lost in this exotic place, the little girl is welcomely invited in this castle. Consequently, she decided to stay here with Deemo.

Deemo Reborn Upgrades From 2d To 3d Graphics With
Deemo and the girl lives happily in this beautiful castle

They live happily together, until the girl finds a weird sapling. Later, she figures out that the sapling keeps growing every time Deemo play the piano. As a result, she comes up with a unique idea: maybe if Deemo keeps playing the piano, the sapling will grow high enough for her to reach the sky and return home.

Deemo Reborn Upgrades From 2d To 3d Graphics With
The sapling is growing every time Deemo play the piano

Immediately, she'll find the sheet music that she's got on her exploration for Deemo to play to make the tree higher.

"Never left without—- Saying goodbye" - that's the final message from the developer, and you should try the game to see what it initially means!

About the gameplay

Basically, Deemo Reborn is the mixture of a score-based music game and an adventure game. To be more specific, you'll control both the little girl and Deemo to explore the castle while trying to bring the girl back to the sky.

Controlling the little girl, you'll take an intriguing adventure in the castle to find the sheet music. Of course, she'll encounter numerous puzzles and switches here, and the rewards of getting through them are the sheets to bring back for Deemo.

Deemo Reborn Upgrades From 2d To 3d Graphics With
The little girl will have to solve puzzles in this castle to find the sheet music

Playing as Deemo is merely the music part of the game, and it's actually the best things in Deemo. There are over 60 songs in this game, including new songs from many famous artists. At this point, it's very similar to Tap Tap Revenge, as you'll have to perform precise gestures, getting enough scores to get through the levels. Furthermore, you can add more songs to the game through DLCs.

Deemo Reborn Upgrades From 2d To 3d Graphics With
Further songs will come in DLCs in the future

With the harmony of a deep story, fascinating adventure, and challenging musical gameplay, Deemo Reborn will be better than any other previous version!

The major upgrades in this version

The original Deemo game was already very good when it comes to story and gameplay. However, with Deemo Reborn, the graphics will make you feel even better! The biggest thing in this version is that all of the little girl's adventure is taking place in 3D graphics, which upgrade the overall depth of experience.

Deemo Reborn Upgrades From 2d To 3d Graphics With
The game upgrade from the old 2D graphics to beautiful 3D visuals

Additionally, the developer also promised that through solving new puzzles, you can unlock all-new stories as well. Besides that, only on this PS4 version is the VR support. You can choose to switch to VR mode at any time to enjoy the story through a whole different perspective. You can see it through the trailer below:

Last but not least, purchasing the game will guarantee you a PS4-theme, and it's beautiful.

Release date

Deemo Reborn is coming for PS4 both physically and digitally on November 21 for Japan. Users in the West will receive it on the same day as well.

The game will cost $39.99, and you can play with many languages options, including English, French, German, Chinese and Japanese text. Further DLCs including new songs will come in the future.