Do you wonder how Andersen's fairy tale 'Ugly Duckling' will look like in video games? Well, now you have a chance to experience the whole story from the eyes of the main protagonist!

Songbird Symphony is coming out to many devices this month. And to celebrate this announcement, the publisher has given us a quick look into the game story in this trailer.

You can see it here:

The story of Songbird Symphony

I guess we all know the story of the 'Ugly Duckling' words by words, right! But it's still epic, so let's hear about this again, with different characters!

Songbird Symphony is the touching story of 'Birb' - an orphaned chick. Left behind in the rain, he was adopted by a peacock called 'Uncle Pea'. And with the nature of a chick, he immediately regards the first one they saw is his parent.

Songbird Symphony Steam July 25 1
Birb eventually find out that he is not a peacock

Birb starts living with the Peacock family since. But as he grows, he found out that he's nothing like other Peacock. Uncle Pea tells him the truth about his adoption, and now, Birb is on his way to find the real place where he belongs to.

A brief description of the gameplay

The developer has described Songbird Symphony as "a platformer with a musical twist".

To be more specific, Birb will enjoy running, jumping and singing happily in the vast pixel-based world. His quest is to find his true origin, and he will have to follow every lead that he has.

Songbird Symphony Steam July 25 4
He needs to find his true origin

However, not every time will he meet such kind characters like the wise Owl. In fact, he'll have to encounter many troublesome ones as well. And at those times, he will have to earn their respect.

Songbird Symphony Steam July 25 2
Not everyone is kind as the owl.

How could he do that? Well, everything in this game can be solved with music notes. You'll have to take part in the rhythm battles, and gain your information by winning and gaining their respect. As you move on, can unlock more and more notes to sings, which's very crucial to be relevant in the fight with harder bosses in the future.

Songbird Symphony Steam July 25 3
Unlock more notes to sing in the intense rhythm battles

The game features some light puzzle in the bubbly visuals world, and there are many hidden places for you to find. In those secret locations, you can find the feathers which open up the story about you and this magical world.

Claim your free demo version now

Songbird Symphony is the product from the developer Joysteak Studios and will be published by PQube Limited this month. The specific release date is July 25, and at launch, the game will support PS4, Switch, and PC through Steam.

Also, there's a free demo version on Steam right now, which you can try if you're very curious about its harmonizing gameplay!