When I was a child, I kept asking the same question. What would happen to the things I eat? Could it build up an empire inside my stomach? Here we have it – Birdgut – a hand-drawn 2D puzzle-platformer inside a bird’s gut. Here you can experience the bizarre adventure, unlike anything you have seen before.

A strange creature

You play as an outcast bee whose wings are handicapped and unable to fly at all. Even worse, people banished you from the hive, leaving you wandering aimlessly in the open world. It didn’t take long before you get into trouble in BirdGut. You get eaten by a bird, you die … wait, you actually survived and made it to the bird’s gut.

Strangely enough, the bird’s stomach is a weird place in which creatures are brainwashed and enslaved. You, the outcast bee, actually survived the process and were free to roam around. Here your journey begins as the outcast bee have to find a way out of this living hell.

Birdgut Strange Game 02
A strange story inside a bird's gut

Birdgut has sketchy graphics like hand-drawn cartoons. It turns out to be quite fun with the objects you bump into along the way. Could you imagine there is actually a river and a boat inside the stomach of a bird?

Birdgut Strange Game 03
How on Earth is there a ship inside a bird's gut?

Birdgut Strange Game 04
There are even ... construction tools?

Puzzle element

The game combines the platformer element with a puzzle to make it an even better adventure. At some point in the game, you face strange creatures. The next moment you come across a puzzle to find the exit. The game is pretty well-balanced between the two elements: adventure and puzzle.

Birdgut Strange Game 05
The game features many puzzles

BirdGut has a diverse cast of insect characters. There are Hidden Secrets on every level and 22 achievements to collect. As your journey ends, there are 3 distinct endings to choose from. What future awaits our miserable bee?

The game is free on Steam and receives overwhelmingly positive reviews. With a playtime of fewer than 10 hours, BirdGut is a good choice to pick up for those who don’t have much time.