The last 4 months of 2019 is going to be very exciting – since it is packed with massive game releases. Here are the top 15 most anticipated game in the next 3 months.


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Brave the frozen wasteland in the next expansion of Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter World has been one of the best selling game of Capcom since its release date – and the best selling game of the franchise so far. Later this year, an expansion named Iceborne will be released, with a new zone called Tundra. The expansion contents include additional hunting areas, monsters, quests, story content, and a new rank. Called the “Master Rank”, this rank will take place after “high rank” and will give players something to look forward to.

Monster Hunter World’s expansion Iceborne will launch on Sept 6, 2019, for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC release, however, would be in 2020


Gears5 2861713b
Gears 5 with the new player character - Kait

The next entry in one of the best cover shooter franchise, Gears of War will be released soon. In the game, gamers will play as Kait Diaz, whos trying to save his mom. Because of that, the focus of the players will be shifted from JD Fenix to Kait in order to tell the story better. Gears 5 will introduce yet another new unique enemy, the Warden, along with two other previous enemies from Gears 4.

Gears 5 will be released on Sept 10, on both PC and Xbox One.


A new character in Borderland 3

It has been 5 years since the last Borderland hit the stores and a lot of players are asking for a new update for their favorite looter shooter franchise. Gearbox answered their call – Borderland 3 will be released on Sept. The lineup this time: Amara the Siren, FL4K the Beastmaster, Moze the Gunner, and Zane the Operative. The Borderland 3 deluxe edition contents would include a lot of cosmetics for the previously mentioned characters.

Borderland 3 will launch on September 13 for PC, Xbox One and PS4


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The titular Shadow Keep

Destiny Year 3 will officially begin with the introduction of the Shadowkeep expansion, which would have the Guardians return to Luna and face Eris Morn another time. There is not much info about the update, but the expansion is expected to kick off the Armor 2.0 system, coupled with various new exotics, QOL updates, finishing moves, and more. Old equipment, notably the Solstice of Heroes armor, will be updated for the 2.0 – it is more valuable now.

Destiny 2’s expansion, Shadowkeep will be released on the first of October for Stadia, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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The two main character in Shenmue

Shenmue 3 was a myth until a Kickstarter campaign brought it back to life. As expected, fans of the cult classic Franchise was overjoyed with the protagonist finally get to continue his quest to look for the killer of his father. However, getting stuck in the controversy of Epic Game Store’s exclusivity and after that, the hype has gone down a lot. Hopefully, that will not damage Shenmue 3’s launch.

Shenmue 3 is going to be released on November 19 for PC and PlayStation 4.


H2x1 Nswitch Thelegendofzeldalinksawakening Image1
Link's Awakening but with 2019 graphics

The original Link’s Awakening was one of the most iconic releases of the franchise, being the first Zelda game on a handheld system. Due to this legacy, it is clear that the remake is going to be a huge success. The remastered graphics, marketed as “retro-modern” will be the bridge to bring this legend from years past into 2019 intact. To many people, this release will also stave off the Zelda thirst prior to the release of the next big Zelda game.

The remake of Link’s Awakening will be released on September 20 on just the Nintendo Switch.


Code Vein
Code Vein, dubbed Dark Souls Anime

Announced two years ago in April 2017, Code Vein will finally come out this fall. The game sets in a world of darkness, with the players gaining vampiric abilities from consuming blood. The art style along with flashy gameplay have inspired some players to dub it “anime Dark Souls”, however, matching FromSoft’s masterpiece is a tall order.

Code Vein’s release date is 27 of Sept, on PC, Xbox One and PS4


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A continuation of the Ghost Recon formula

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the newest game of the infamous Ghost Recon franchise – in which the players would face the biggest threat ever introduced: other Ghosts. Wolves, a team of Ex-Ghosts led by Cole D. Walker, will be protecting an illegal warfare drone factory located on the island of Auroa. The player character, with the help of Nomad, will spearhead the conflict with the wolves and try to destroy the facility. There will be a free beta available for those who are still deciding about purchasing this title.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be launched on Oct 4 for PS4, PC and Xbox One.


Modern Warfare Battle Royale Rumor Cod
A realistically take of modern war

The new Modern Warfare is going to follow the “realistic route” with both single and multiplayer digging deep into the controversies of war. There has been a lot of criticism for the Single Player mode for its use of child soldiers, along with the multiplayers’ White Phosphorous. It is still uncertain if this problem is going to affect the game’s launch, however, a lot of fans consider it a plus point due to the stagnant nature of the franchise.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is going to be released on Oct 25 for PS4, PC and Xbox One.


H2x1 Nswitch Theouterworlds Image1600w
Fallout in Space

There is a good reason that The Outer Worlds is considered by many, the best game of EA 2019. Made by the original creators of the Fallout Franchise, Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, The Outer World is expected to fill in the void left by Fallout 76’s fall from grace. A lot of similar features to the previous good Fallout games has been brought back into The Outer Worlds, such as skill-related dialogues, the ability to pick your stats and builds, and so on. As the Fallout Franchise getting worse and worse after each installment, fans of the series expect The Outer Worlds to be the answer to this dilemma.

The Outer Worlds will be released on Oct 25, for PC, Xbox One and PS4


H2x1 Nswitch Luigismansion3 Image1600w
Luigi's bizarre adventure

The direct continuation to Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, the third game in the series will aim for a Halloween release date. The game’s events happen after Luigi and his friends get their vacations ruined – they get sucked into a hotel without escape. It would then be up to Luigi to solve all the puzzles in order to save them all. Each floor of the hotel will have a different theme, with various mechanics and style for players to experience. The levels are also more open-ended than Dark Moon.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a Switch exclusive, set to release on Halloween 2019.


Death Stranding Logo
A new game made by the legendary developer - Hideo Kojima

From legendary Japanese developer Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding is going to be its own genre, invented by Kojima, just like how Metal Gear defined the Stealth Genre in the past. Dubbed an “Action/Strand game (social strand system)”, Death Stranding will be about the players’ connections to people. In the game, the players will be playing as protagonist Sam Bridges – a man on a quest to unite the divided societies.

Death Stranding’s release date is November 8 and is a PS4 exclusive.


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The titular pokemon carrying sword and shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield, the first game in the eighth generation of Pokemon, will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. The location in which the story of the game happens is called Galar – partially based on the United Kingdom, featuring quite a few new Pokemons to catch. The game has earned a lot of criticism for not having every Pokemon on release, but those new ones like Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble are more than enough to make up for it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released on Nov 15, on the Nintendo Switch.


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A lot of hope has been put into fallen order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has the look of a great game in the making. After quite a few failures from EA in making an actual good Star Wars game, this might finally be their first successful attempt. In the single-player campaign of this game, players will step into the shoes of Cal Kestis, a Jedi survivor of the massacre of Order 66, while he is trying to escape pursuit from the Sith Inquisitors. With the addition of quite a few features bringing back from KOTOR, there is a lot to be expected from this game.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s launch date is 15 Nov – on PC, Xbox One and PS4.


Doom Eternal Doomguy Monsters Poster Uhdpaper Com
Killing Demons.....again in DOOM Eternal

The latest update to the infamous Doom Series, Doom Eternal would be a direct continuation of the 2016 reboot. There will be new weapons to use, new abilities to cast, new demons to kill – along with a lot of new game modes. Due to the 2016 version’s huge success, fans of the series have high hopes for this game.

Doom Eternal is going to launch on Nov 22, on PC, Stadia, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.