Fans science fiction games, be aware! A psychological adventure game named Still There will be upcoming to satisfy their interest. 

This game is the collaboration of the publisher Iceberg Interactive and the indie developer GhostShark Games. They scheduled to release the game in Autumn 2019 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

Still There is a story-driven adventure game with the scene in the Bento space lighthouse, far away from Earth. BRANE Co. is the owner of this lighthouse which locates in the mostly undiscovered sector D42-W81. You will play the role of Karl, the keeper who takes care of it.

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'Still There' will be available for both PC and Switch.

Every day is peaceful until one day, a mystical radio message appears and changes everything on the lighthouse. The trailer of the game ends with a mysterious statement: “How far is far enough?”

'Still There' is a psychological adventure game with the main content about gloominess, technical puzzles, eccentric AIs, and black humor. According to the developer GhostShark Games, 'Still There' was born from their passion with various perspectives. 

He also said that the game would bring players to discover different sides in the lighthouse, including uncanny, dark, sarcastic, and metaphysical. 

The game's scene takes place in a space lighthouse.

And you could approach the puzzles of the game with a complicated analytic. This would give players strong feelings, humour, and things that might break your heart. Notably, players will have a chance to immerse into the nostalgia of the game with fantastic retro graphics & visuals.

Erik Schreuder, CEO of Iceberg Interactive said that his team was pleased to collaborate with GhostShark on 'Still There'. According to him, the game is one of those rare ones that immediately became the topic at the office.

He also considers that 'Still There' is a substantial addition to the catalog of Iceberg with various emotions of captivating, hilarious and severe.

Still There Game
Completing all tasks, you will get the best score with 'Still There'.

Your tasks when playing ‘Still There’

- Resolve mind-bending puzzles & complete your daily assignments to preserve the space lighthouse. It might also involve urine.

- Respond to urgent circumstances, make critical decisions while you clear up Karl's emotional story in the past.

- Join in humorous conversations with Gorky or AI of the station.

- Face to face with complicated emotions, such as grief and depression, in the profoundly immersive story.