Unfold Games, an independent game developer, has finally announced their most anticipated product, a psychology-horror title named DARQ. The game is bound to come to PC through Steam on August 15th.

So far, there hasn’t been any information about a GOG or Epic Games Store release, yet the developer has confirmed in their previous statements that DARQ would come to consoles shortly after the launch on PC. Which means, this horror indie title will pave its way to Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch at the end of 2019 or in 2020.

Darq Screenshot 1200x675
DARQ is a horror game in the dream world

Whenever it will be, following the announcement of DARQ’s release date, Unfold Games published an all-new trailer featuring the game’s character as well as its stressful atmosphere. Check it out right here.

DARQ features a boy named Lloyd, who finds himself stuck in a dream. Unluckily, Lloyd’s dream quickly transforms into a nightmare, and he can’t get out of it without your help.

The official game description additionally reveals that players will enjoy the deepest, darkest layers within Lloyd’s subconscious, and his ability to interfering the physical principles and controlling the material in the dream world.

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Lloyd is stuck in his nightmare

The mentioned description also emphasizes on the use of stealth of Lloyd when combating against enemies since Lloyd would have zero chance confronting those creatures. They are much faster and stronger than him. As a consequence, he would have to rely on his skill to slip past them only.

Wlad Marhulets, DARQ’s director – the man who nearly built this game from scratch alone – confessed that he had spent no less than 10000 hours to transform his game from a pure idea into a playable, enjoyable product.

The game has a stressful atmosphere

What do you think? Will you add this game to your Library when it shows up next month?