The Don't Escape trilogy gives players terrifying situations where they must not escape from. Instead, you need to calm down and work out on the tasks that are coming at you, whether it be trapping yourself in a small room or detoxicate your spaceship. The control is just plain simple point-and-click, searching for items that can be combined to achieve your received tasks. The unique thing about this game is that you don't know what kind of ending these tasks will eventually lead you to. While doing the missions, you can trigger the ending at any time, and the result is determined by the number of puzzles you have solved.

In the original Don't Escape game, players will play as a werewolf in the night when the full moon is about to rise. You will have to find a way to lock your self in the cabin and do everything you can to protect the village people from yourself.

Dont Escape Trilogy Trailer 0 10 Screenshot
You will have to save the villager from yourself

In Don't Escape 2, you and your party of friends have just escaped from the zombie apocalypse, but your friend Bill got bitten. Luckily, you found a little house which might help everyone survive. You will only have 8 hours before the nightfall and the zombie will come. There will be four other houses in the area that you might visit to get more supplies or try to ask for help from the people who are hiding in there. But the time is ticking, making the right decision at the right time is the only way to have a happy ending. This is also the feature that helps Don't Escape 2 stand out from the other two games.

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Save yourself from the zombie apocalypse

Unlike the two predecessors, Don't Escape 3 has a really interesting story. You wake up in a spaceship, not knowing how you got there. But there is no time to think about it as you are 30 seconds away from being ejected into space. And that is just the opening, your main objective will be finding out about the mysterious events that happened on the ship, or where the crew are. But be careful, because you are not alone. The puzzles in this game are more creative with more complex endings than the other two. The atmosphere in this game is built perfectly with amazing scenes and the monotone sound that will slowly fill your mind with fear.

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Discover the mystery on your spaceship

The Don't Escape Trilogy is going to be on Steam on July 29th with a price of $4.99.