Building and managing a real aquarium in real life is far from reach for some people. However, with Biotope, that luxurious dream is very reachable.

The developer 2tainment is announcing the release windows of its new simulation title. Along with that, it also gives us a trailer showing the picture-like looks of the game. Plug-in your speaker (or headphones) now and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere on the theme of Pachelbel's Canon in D:

The unique simulators in the market

If you're really keen on having an aquarium, but still afraid to make tons of physical works of cleaning and maintenance, then Biotope might be the sim for you. The developer has primed this unique game as "the first and only photorealistic aquarium simulator to date." And from the trailer above, those words seem to be very reasonable.

Biotope Coming To Early Access On Steam 1
Biotope is a photorealistic aquarium simulator

Biotope gives you the chances to build an aquarium, raise fishes and the aqua plants there and manage it. At first, the game gives you the options on the starter pack. It includes an empty tank, the Amazon and Malawi. The aquarium doesn't build itself, so you'll take on the captain role and start to bring lives to it.

The game allows you to create populations of fishes with the breeding mechanics. And there isn't just fish there, as you can bring plants down the water to give the blue world some green.

Biotope Coming To Early Access On Steam 4
Decorate your aquarium with fish and plants

The real work has just begun. After finishing preparing, it's time to adjust the living conditions there. The developer wants to describe the aquarium managing process as realistic as possible, so they've brought many statistics for you to track. They include the water's temperature, the pH levels, nitrates, and many chemical things as well.

All those values will help you make the best living conditions for the creatures in the aquarium. You can use the equipment such as filter pumps, lamps, and decorative objects to balance those values.

Biotope Coming To Early Access On Steam 2
Don't get lost in those statistics because the management has just begun

But wait, don't feel the headaches yet! It's not free to run an aquarium (in fact, it's quite costly). As a result, you'll also have to pay attention to the monthly budgets as well. Choosing the right time to repair or change your equipment is very vital, as you don't want to do all of those in just a day!

Real payment is also available in Biotope as well. You can purchase items from the in-game Blue World Store to make your aquarium the best one in the world!

Biotope Coming To Early Access On Steam 3
In-game microtransactions

Above all, the visual of this game is really beautiful and realistic. And even though the beauty of nature can never be matched, the game still provides the closest experience to real life!

Biotope is releasing for early access on Steam

2tainment is planning to release Biotope to Steam Early Access on July 23. This version will have some major features of the full game, which you can see on its Steam page.

In only take less than 1GB of your hard drive, so don't hesitate to build your virtual aquarium when it comes out!