You might or might not have heard about a cool arcade game named “Walk Master”. Created by developer Two Men and a Dog, Walk Master is an extremely challenging and fun arcade to play on your mobile devices. The Finnish-based studio really did a good job making the game, from every aspect possible.

Walk Master
Walk Master, by developer Two Men and a Dog.

The big pros

First of all, it’s a casual mobile game, not a hardcore one with "console-like graphics and gameplay". Second, Walk Master offers impressive physics model, alongside many cool characters that you really have to explore. Last but not least, did we mention that you can get all the fun playing this walking simulator arcade game for free?

Walk Master
Walk Master is completely free to play.

Another thing to mention, it’s very easy to learn and understand how Walk Master works. Its concept is really simple: you control a cute little character and your job is to help it cross the finish line. However, if only it’s that easy! The difficulty keeps ramping up the more you play, with more challenges and obstacles waiting for you ahead.

Here’s the trailer of the game, take a look:

Special features

For your information, Walk Master features loads of levels that keep getting more and more challenging. While playing the game, you can collect up to 24 distinct characters to play as in your run.

Walk Master
Play as different characters. We've seen duck, goat and aliens by far!

At the same time, new levels are coming to the game regularly. Also, the game is playable in 12 different languages, which is a huge plus. And not just that, you get to compete against friends via the system of achievements and leaderboards. How cool is that?

Right now, Walk Master is available to play on both the App Store and Google Play Store. You can download the game for free right now without any compulsory additional cost. That being said, we believe it’s time you go and have a walk!