If you are a gamer who grew up in the 90s, then you are probably no stranger to Pinball. Now, the upcoming Zombie Rollerz will take the basic formula of that game and add a zombie twist on top. Basically, that means you’ll adapt your abilities with the silver ball to clobber the walking corpses and active traps. Check out the trailer for the game below:

At first glance, Zombie Rollerz appears like your usual turn-based game in which you maneuver around a tile-based map to fight against zombies. The map has more things than just zombies, though. There are buildings, merchants, and more. As you explore it, you can collect coins and other items to use in battle. Do be careful, though, as going to the wrong place will damage your health, which will put you at a disadvantage in your battle to fend off the undead.

Zombie Rollerz Map
Explore the tile-based map and its content

Once you hit a zombie tile, the entire landscape of the game changes. The screen turns into a giant pinball machine, and as usual, you’ll launch the ball and then control the paddles to keep pushing it out. However, this time, your goal is not simply to get a high score, but to run over the enemies that will constantly spawn.

The pinball machine also has various triggers that you can hit for certain bonuses. Some of these will spawn power-up crates for you to pick up, while others activate traps such as spikes and spinning axes for a limited time.

Zombie Rollerz
Once you hit a zombie tile, the screen becomes a giant pinball machine where you use the ball to wreck the undead

The zombies will tirelessly try to get to your main station, but you can use the paddles to beat them back when they get close. Doing so will cost health, but still, that’s a much better alternative than letting the undead get inside your machine. You’ll also take damage if you let the ball fall through the gap as well.

Zombie Rollerz is a pretty fun game that turns the idea of Pinball into something unique. It is available on Google Play and the App Store and is scheduled to come to Steam this November.