Nowadays, we’ve had so many mobile games that feature zombie survival, maybe too many. The genre has been here for quite a while and it’s really hard to come up with a unique new one. Luckily, Infectonator 3: Apocalypse is completely opposite to what we’ve just said. To win the game, you have to overrun the whole world with zombies, not to save it. Infectonator 3 features a unique action, strategy and humor factor, which is definitely worth your try.

Gameplay overview

Thanks to the helpful tutorial, you can grasp the basics in no time. To start off each level, kill as many people as you can with your zombies. Moreover, you need to be quick, as your zombie buddies will fall apart after a while. Start infecting a region by infecting the first victim with a zombie virus. After that, your zombie victim will start running off and hunt for brains for you. A level would end if either the zombies or the humans are all dead (dead again in the case of the zombies, I guess). Watch the iOS launch trailer here.

Still, Infectonator 3 is not letting you sit back and watch the zombies do all the work. While the zombies are busy infecting the town, you have the options to supply more zombies to the playground. In addition, doors can be opened or closed, trapping the zombies or the humans. Therefore, you get to decide the fate of everything, a slow death or a terrifying fate, or simply throw in a grenade to get the job done quickly.

Panic levels

Infectonator 3 will measure your skills at using these zombie-spreading weapons. The game records the effectiveness in both local and global levels of panic. Therefore, if an invasion takes too long, the military and the police will eventually figure things out. In addition, the longer the game goes, the more strategy you need to follow to win more often. Regions and territories will start developing the cure for this zombie virus and clearly, you don’t want that to happen. Be ready to face hilarious boss battles where the game tests your wits and reflexes.

Infectonator 3 Newscaster
Infectonator 3 Newscaster, showing your progress after each level.

Improve the zombies

Infectonator 3 Zombie Unlock 768x576
Unlock more zombies to infect the world faster.

So, what can you do to improve your zombie army? Well, the first thing on your mind should be heading to the lab, right? In here, you have tons of nifty properties to craft and unlock special zombies. Improving the zombies could make them move faster, live longer, receive less damage, less chance of infection and much more. Spend your coins wisely on supporting items and improvements, as well as researching more zombies with the DNA fragments that you have.

Infectonator 3 Lab
The Lab is where you unlock/improve your zombies, making them more harmful to the people.

Overall game tone

While the objective seems serious (infect the whole world with zombies), the tone of Infectonator 3 is completely opposite. The game features retro visuals alongside a series of puns and jokes that would delight you. Some of the zombies are parodies of monsters with pop culture references, some being musicians and politicians to make you laugh. Furthermore, even the newscasters who show up between levels are unintentionally funny, and you’d likely catch yourself smiling constantly while playing.

Infectonator 3 Gameplay 768x576
An actual gameplay screenshot of Infectonator 3.

Minor issues

There wasn’t any serious obstacle when playing Infectonator 3. Although, there might be occasional issues with the touch control. Sometimes a region or nation is hard to tap on, some were geographically smaller than the others as well. Selecting the wrong territory means you have to go back out to select again, which wastes a little bit of time. Also, during levels, sometimes the touch wasn’t sensitive enough to drop in zombies or items. Although none of these factors is game-breaking, they could be improved to deliver a better gaming experience.

Infectonator 3 Apocalypse
Infectonator 3 Apocalypse, available right now for iOS at $4.99

At $4.99 (Rs 345), Infectonator 3 is a bargain, especially when it’s with the unique idea. It’s totally worth giving a shot, and who knows, you might be really into ending humanity, rather than saving it.