Infliction is a story-driven horror game developed and published by Caustic Reality in 2018 for PC via Steam. The developer is having a plan to bring the game to consoles later this year.

Infliction is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Infliction will take you to a realistic suburban house where a happy family once lived. But now, only the horror and tragedy remain. You have to piece together clues hidden under journals, letters, voicemails, and other objects to find the answer to horrifying events happened in the past. But you will soon find out that you're not alone. There is another terrible creature lurking around this fractured house, waiting patiently to hunt you down while you're busy seeking for dark secrets.

The dynamic and terrifying atmosphere featured in Infliction will easily give you the creeps. Just like other horror titles, you are free to interact with objectives scattering across the house. One by one, you will eventually figure out what happened and try to atone for past sins. All the details in the game were inspired by real-life domestic tragedies: from betrayed trust, broken hearts to grief, and great loss.

Explore the creepy house in Infliction.

There are two main difficulties for players to choose from. One is normal, which will give you directions on the way. The other is a hard mode, and you will be on your own. Are you strong enough to keep yourself alive until the end?

How did you end up in the house? What are the secrets lying deep under all this horror?

By using the Unreal engine to create a photorealistic environment for Infliction, developer Caustic Reality has successfully delivered an unexpectable first-person experience to those who're into the horror genre. The game will soon be available on PlayStation Store, Nintendo Switch eShop, and Microsoft Store some time at the end of 2019. Blowfish Studios also has a plan to showcase the game at PAX West 2019.