The Backrooms Game may look a bit weird as a game. However, don't judge a book by its cover.

Modern horror in a nutshell

Do normal horror films tire you out with cliché and overused motifs that you have seen hundreds of time? It is understandable in this modern world as film directors may have run out of ideas. The plot is always the same all the times. A certain cursed doll in some abandoned house is actually a devil’ possession with evil power malevolent intent.

The protagonists would most likely run away or find a way to lift the curse before their time runs out. The main attractions of horror films nowadays are just jumpscares or some devilish design of the evil incarnation.

The Backroom Game 05
Cursed doll in an abandoned house, pretty cliché, isn't it?

That pretty much sums up horror film genre nowadays. However, if you are patient enough and spend time browsing hidden gems, you may actually find a treasure. Horror games offer many innovative and unique experience you never expected.

Horror in games

The Backrooms Game gives you a unique experience, unlike any other game. It may strike you as a walking simulator title in an open world at first. The game lets you roam around in an endless corridor among many yellow rooms. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. As you dig deeper into it, the game opens a whole new world of experience.

The Backroom Game 03
The game is not for the faint-hearted

Your open world here is actually a closed area of yellowish walls, lighted by fluorescent bulbs. Each room is separated by a doorway without a door. The rooms are randomly segmented into multiple areas. Your mission is simple, explore the most and find the exit before you black out.

The Backroom Game 02
Keep yourself together

The Backroom Game 04
More importantly!

The game has multiple settings to help with the smoothness. You can choose to increase graphics experience over performance if your PC is decent.

The Backroom Game 01
Is it the graphics glitch or are your eyes just tired from playing the game?

In the game, you walk around in a seemingly endless hallway around yellowish walls. Try to keep your eye open and maintain your consciousness. In this lifeless environment, you can acquire the help of the clock to keep track of time. It may be your only good companion (it is?).

The Backroom Game 06
"Remember who you are and where you come from" or you will soon forget it

The mystery

Eventually, the secret of the game unveils as you play on. Be it your first run or your 10th consecutive run, you will find out something entirely new. The game gives you no tips or direction, just leave you to your own devices. One great feature of the game is the underlying sound. The eerie noise adds a mysterious feeling to the game. As you are alone (maybe?) in this world, what could be even scarier than the intense feeling it creates.

Beware! Every action you take in the game is influential to your outcome. The game has multiple endings. Can you manage to keep yourself together? Sanity is one luxury you cannot afford all the time. Wandering around in this hopeless situation can actually drive you mad in no time.

The Backroom Game 08
Pay attention to the hint at the start of the game, it may actually help


The game somehow resembles one hidden indie gem – Yume Nikki – The Dream Diary. Both games are horror open world with little to none explanation. The game seems to be open-ended as we are free to interpret the plot. The Backrooms Game is pretty the same. You are on your own to interpret the story and find the way out.

The Backroom Game 07
The Backrooms Game is actually similar to Yume Nikki

However, The Backrooms Game pays more attention to details as it focuses on the graphics and actions of the player. 3D graphics is the plus point of the game and The Backrooms Game handled it really well. Though free, The Backrooms Game offers a good experience with low playtime. It takes less than 1 hour for you to understand the game and actually complete it. The game even has the potential to get a VR adaption in the future.

The Backroom Game 10
The Backrooms Game has the potential to become a VR game

Come grab The Backrooms Game when it is free on Steam and enjoy it to your heart’s content. If you feel pleased with the game, you can donate for the developers through the $2 DLC. They devoted their effort into the game to make one such good horror game.