Now, you might or might not have heard of Beneath a Steel Sky, but it’s a pretty popular point-and-click adventure game back in the 1990s that’s set on a dystopian Earth devastated by the long-term damage caused by heavy pollution and radiation. Still, since the vast majority of modern gamers were either really young or hadn’t even been born when the game was released in 1994 and the hardware required to play it is not exactly what could be called readily available today, not many actually had a chance to try it out. Thankfully, the game is getting a sequel titled Beyond A Steel Sky in the near future, so we can finally see what we’ve been missing out on. Check out its latest trailer below:

This long-awaited sequel is planned for the Apple Arcade service. The story is written by Charles Cecil, a veteran of the series, with Dave Gibbons working as the art director. For those who don’t know, Gibbons also contributed to several comics from DC and Marvel in the past. Beyond A Steel Sky is also said to include a nice mix of humor, drama, and cyberpunk styling, all the things that made the original so popular.

Beyond A Steel Sky Droid
The game promises a nice mix of humor, drama, and cyberpunk styling

The setting of the game is described by the developer as a ‘dynamic gameworld’. What this basically means is that the world and the NPCs will react to your actions. By finding creative ways to interact with them, you can discover alternative solutions to the various puzzles that you’ll encounter throughout your journey.

The trailer included above gives us a glimpse at the perimeter of the city as well as some basic gameplay mechanics demonstrated through a simple puzzle. Still, it seems the main focus of the trailer is to show off the impressive world designs.

Beyond A Steel Sky Gameplay
The world design looks impressive

As of the moment, no specific release date has been confirmed for Beyond A Steel Sky, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as there is more information. Don’t forget to stay tuned!