You have probably heard of Ragnarok Online at some point before, as it has all but become a classic MMORPG at this point. Now, Ragnarok Battle Academy is an upcoming game set in the same universe that attempts to combine the MMO elements with a Battle Royale setup. No exact release date for the game is confirmed yet, but from what we know so far, it’ll launch first in several countries in the SEA region. In any case, you can check out the trailer for the game right below:

As you can see, Ragnarok Battle Academy still has quite a bit of the trappings of a Battle Royale title. You drop down into a huge map and then process to fight other players in order to survive as long as you can while the playground gets smaller and smaller as the match goes on. The twist here is that some MMO progression will also be added into the mix.

Ragnarok Battle Academy
Fight for survival as the map gets smaller and smaller over time

Throughout each match, you can opt to take on bosses to presumably level your character up and obtain new gear. However, looking at the map, there’s also a shop icon on the map, so there’s also a possibility that the bosses will only drop in-game currency, which you must later take to the shop to buy what you need. We’ll have to wait and see how things will turn out.

Ragnarok Battle Arcademy Boss
You can opt to take on bosses as well

According to the YouTube description of the trailer included above, Ragnarok Battle Academy is already about 80% finished and is currently in its testing phase to iron out any issue. Thus, it’s safe to assume that we’ll get a regional release in the near future. We do know for a fact that the game will be available for both Android and iOS, so stay tuned for more updates!