Back in June 2018, developer Illogical Games announced that it was working on a new battle royale title which it named "Mecha Royale Online." At the time, the studio was looking for a few beta testers to help it develop the game, and for a while things seemed fine.

Mecha Royale Online is a battle royale featuring Mech.

However, when Illogical later submitted a version of the game to Apple to publish on the App Store, it was rejected because it was believed to be a copy version of... "Mecha Royale Online." Yup, the folks at Apple somehow decided that Illogical's product was a copy of itself. Therefore, they kept on rejecting the game submission several times. Then Illogical changed the name into MekaRoyale Online and launched the pre-order campaign in this year's January.

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Right after the launch, the game was full of bugs and technical issues.

The game hit the market later that month, but the story doesn't end there. Right after the launch, it was full of bugs and technical issues that made it lost a substantial number of players. Although the studio has been fixing and updating those problems ever since, it was too late.

Meka Hunters

But, Illogical Games did not give up. It knew that MekaRoyale Online is a solid game that hasn't seen its full potential yet and so decided to give it another try. The studio will re-release it under a new title: "Meka Hunters." This game has a few changes in comparison with the original title, most notably the 3rd person perspective (Mecha Royale Online was top-down).

The game features a 3rd person perspective.

Meka Hunters keeps its focus on the Pilot upgrade system and mech customization. Like the original game, Meka Hunters also has a ruthless roguelike inspiration which strips you of everything if you die in battle. That mechanic will give you additional incentive not to die in battle. If you do, you will start over as a fresh Pilot again and can team up with other Pilots to bring down the powerful mech - or MEKA as they are called here. Alternatively, you can also choose to go rogue and kill off everyone that you encounter.

Beta campaign

In order to avoid the disaster of MekaRoyale Online's launch, Illogical is finding people to test out the beta version of Meka Hunters before the scheduled release this November. Click on this link to join the beta.