According to the latest information, the developers of Dogfighter: WW2 have confirmed that they will release this game in North America this Autumn for PC and PS4. 

Thereby, three developers, Grumpy, I-Bong, and Iggymob collaborated and created this game. In which, Iggymob is the publisher.

With Dogfighter: WW2, you will have a chance to take to the sky of both the Pacific and European theatres which were ravaged by war in WW2 in a new and strange way that you have never tried before.

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With Dogfighter: World War 2, players can experience a new and strange playing style than ever.

The warplanes used in this exciting game are all genuine. They are reproduced from their real-life counterparts. It will enable you to immerse yourself in dogfights Battle Royale with a maximum of 40 other players.

Under the confirmed information, the exclusive Dogfighter: World War 2 will be launched with two versions: 

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Battle Royale Mode of Dogfighter: WW2.

One is an aerial Battle Royale mode with 40 players. In particular, you can have various options of solo, a duo (a team with two players), or in a squad (a team with three players). This version will be free for all players to install and play it.

Another one is a premium Downloadable content (DLC) campaign named "Into the Fire." This version brings players a single story mode with cinematic cutscenes. 

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Now you can play the game on two platforms: PlayStation (PS) 4 and Microsoft Windows.

Features Of Dogfighter: World War 2

  • Allow you to experience a real dogfighter Battle Royale with up to 40 other players.
  • Provide players an option to select & customize the warplanes in Battle Royale mode with various options such as Mustang fighter aircraft, Messerschmitt Zero fighter planes, BF-109, Spitfires, etc.
  • The arcade controls are easy if you have played any FPS or TPS before.

We will update further information about Dogfighter: WW2 as soon as it is available.