From Perfect World and Camel Games comes a brand new and astonishing game title, World on Fire, which will definitely recall every single war tactics and strategies that you have ever thought of. To put it differently, this is the game in which you have to develop and plan your base for various operations, surrounded by a chaotic world from the scenario of World War 2.

The game’s highlighted features are its realistic scenes, displaying an excessive amount of firepower and heavy weaponry coming toward your base. However, the good news is that you can join forces with other players to form an alliance then plan strategies together to overcome battles at higher difficulties.

Your base is the key to your survival in World on Fire

Available military classes in World on Fire are divided into four, diversified enough for players to take on their favorite styles, from infantry and artillery to armored vehicles and tanks. In short, anything that could fire toward the enemies will all be featured. We guarantee that once you participate in the battles, you will feel exactly how the atmosphere of World War 2 was.

Furthermore, constructions and technologies will not be limited to human’s only but will reach the alien’s level to exceed your imagination. However, since it is important to conduct researches, the cost for those activities will be high. Therefore, players have to gather as many resources as possible; besides, recruit troops so that they are always in position for any surprise encounter.

Expand your empire and exterminate the enemy

Since the key of this game is to make the right decisions, it's crucial that you understand the strengths of each type of units and researches in order to make the most out of them. What are you waiting for? Try the game out now to prove to others how good a commander you are.

World on Fire is now available on both App Store and Google Play for free download. You are only one click away from the greatest playground for the world’s best strategists.