The Android app Steam Link Anywhere from Valve has exited beta today after only a couple of months. Now, it promises to support more than 200 different devices in addition to featuring plenty of controller shortcut options. The app uses the same streaming technology as Steam Link.

Of course, in order to use the application, you’ll need a pretty good internet connection. According to Valve, the minimum requirement to utilize Steam Link to its fullest is a 5GHz router. With Google Stadia coming this November, the game-streaming scene is getting hotter and hotter by the day. Still, while Stadia can only work with Pixel phones at launch, Steam Link is compatible with a wider range of devices, although results might vary.

Steam Link Anywhere allows you to play your Steam games on your phone

Technically, Steam Link only supports Steam and Xbox One X controllers, but many users have reported that they have gotten decent success with other options. Valve also admits this but notes that since these devices are not officially supported, users might encounter issues.  Touch controls are compatible as well, but only to a very limited extent, as you can probably imagine.

Steam Link No Beta
It's no longer in beta!

Ever since its launch, Steam Link Anywhere has received mixed feedback from consumers. This could be because there are tons of variables involved. Each user has a different setup and internet speed, so while some can have a smooth experience, it’s completely possible that others won’t. Keep in mind, though, that you will still have to turn on your PC to link the devices, which is no doubt a big minus for many.

Steam Link Setup Hero
Keep in mind that you still need to turn on your computer to pair the devices

If you have no problem with that or are just curious to see how well it works on your setup, then the app is up for grab for free on Google Play. If you have a rich Steam library, it might be worth it to give this one a look.