In March 2019, Valve introduced a new update to its Steam Link app, Steam Link Anywhere. What the user noticed at that time was that iOS was not included in supporting platforms for this update. However, now a version of Steam Link app on iOS has just been released, which enables Apple users to experience Steam games on Apple devices like iPhone or iPad connected to a featured controller supported by this app.

Apple Steamlink
Apple Steam Link is real now

Steam Link is both software and hardware applications from Valve Corporation that allow users “to stream games from the Steam Library on your PC to any TV in your home.” This service was originally a hardware device when introduced in 2015 and then, released as an application for mobile devices in November 2018. However, before March 2019, to use this service, both your PC and Stream Link console device or mobile device and Steam Link software have to be on one internal network. With the introduction of a new update, players can now stream via the Internet.

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Apple's users dont have to be jealous with Android users about Steam Link anymore

Previous, when the Steam Link version for mobile devices was launched, it was not available on iOS due to the violation of some specific terms of Apple. It appears that Apple and Valve have dealt with it. If you are an Apple lover and want to try this cool app, you can now find it in the App Store. But you will have to have a stable and strong internet connection experience your Steam library on your iOS mobile devices.