Overdox is a new battle royale title that’s looking quite promising, as it has ditched the gunplay often seen in games of this type in favor of a more melee-focused combat system. The game is currently accessible in certain regions of the world including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Macao. Check out its trailer below:

From the trailer, you can see that the arenas you’ll be fighting in are a lot smaller than the average battle royale map, which is understandable given the more in-your-face action. Each match only consists of 12 players, and the game is presented in an isometric perspective – another thing that sets Overdox apart from the traditional battle royale experience.

According to the description provided on the game’s Google Play and App Store pages, it’ll allow players to participate in several special challenges for a chance of winning sizeable rewards. On the other hand, if you are not in the mood for a competition, you can always jump into the “Friendly Mode” to enjoy a stress-free match with some friends.

Overdox Combat
Combat is fast-paced and puts a strong emphasis on reaction

Combat, as you might expect, is fast-paced and puts a strong emphasis on reaction, requiring you to time your dodges and parries perfectly. You can also pick up various skills such as Flash, Entrap, or Toxic Mist from the battlefield to take down the enemies. Stealth reportedly plays a factor as well, which is cool.

While not fighting, you’ll be gathering resources to upgrade items, which improve your various stats such as Attack, Stamina, Defense, Speed, etc. Additionally, if you equip a full item set, you’ll unlock some special effects. There’s a huge arsenal of weapons on offer as well, each offering its own unique weapon skill.

Overdox Weapons
The game offers a huge arsenal of weapons

As mentioned, Overdox is only available in some regions at the moment, but a global launch is probably not too far off, so do stay tuned for more updates if you are interested.