A trending genre

PUBG is now among the most popular Esports titles around the world. In recent years, the genre Battle Royale has blossomed into somewhat of a global craze. The recent Fornite World Cup 2019 has been a blast with $30 million in the prize pool. The PUBG Nation Cup 2019 has been a massive success with the Overall view peak of 470 573 viewers. Needless to say, Battle Royale is on the rise in the world of Esports.

The Last Player Vr 01
Battle Royale is on the rise

Interesting as the game is, PUBG is still a 3D game controlled through keyboard and mouse. Can we push it even further with the Virtual Reality technology to offer even more realistic gameplay? Here we have it, The Last Player: VR Battle Royale.

The Virtual Reality potential

It is basically PUBG with all the feature you can expect from a Battle Royale game: parachute, loot, car ride, and gun scopes. What could be even better than aiming like in real life? The Virtual Reality mechanics in The Last Player helps you with just that, providing a realistic sniping scope system.

Also, the game is user-friendly with casual gameplay and easy to use weapons. You get into the action really quick with many players in the field. The inventory is great with the quick weapon changing. The graphics and performance The Last Player offers are pretty decent with many good reviews.

The Last Player Vr 04
In the game, you can do actions just like in a general Battle Royale title

However, as the game is still in early access, many people complained that the gun system in the game is still poor. There are only 4 weapons currently which are M14 AR, UMP45, a shotgun, and a knife. Also, the sound/audio needs further development as many people gave negative feedback on the sound system. You just can’t depend on the sound to figure out where the gunfire is.

The Last Player Vr 03
There are currently so few weapons to choose from

People would compare the game with STAND OUT: VR Battle Royale and conclude The Last Player did a better job. The game came out recently on Steam this August and received many positive reviews. It looks promising for a VR Battle Royale title.