In the upcoming PUBG Nations Cup, the gaming division of Kingston Technology Compan - HyperX - will be the peripherals sponsor.

During a release, The Central Esports Business Development Manager at PUBG Corporation - Julian Schwartz expressed some thoughts about the partnership. According to Schwartz, cooperating with quality partners indicates the kind of event that they are trying their best to host.

Pubg Nations Cup 2019
HyperX will provide the peripherals that the players need at the PUBG Nations Cup

Therefore, they are currently really excited to work with HyperX on their first premier worldwide esports event of 2019. In addition, Schwartz finds HyperX’s brand and also products are undoubtedly among the world’s best concerning the class. That is exactly why it was the perfect fit for both PUBG Esports and PUBG Nations Cup as a whole.

At the event, HyperX will also be physically present. There will be a booth for HyperX. That means attendees can use its peripherals.

Regarding this event, the Director of APAC Marketing at HyperX - Susan Yang - also said that they were really excited. HyperX is more than willing to extend their support for PUBG community, not just the FACEIT Global Summit but also the PUBG Nations Cup.

Pubg Nations Cup Announced
Teams from across five continents will compete at the PUBG Nations Cup

They are planning on supporting the events with HyperX peripherals. They hope they can demonstrate how professional-grade gear can empower PUBG players and boost their gaming experience.

The PUBG Nations Cup will begin on the 9th of August and end on the 11th. There will be 16 national teams participating. The total prize pool for this event is $500,000 (35,402,857.46 INR).

Players are coming from everywhere in teams. Through some specific methods of each nation, the peers will choose the team members. This acts as the result of the second phase in PUBG’s 2019 esports season.

Esports Insider claims that, generally, HyperX is now technically the unofficial sponsor of esports. Besides, the level of support HyperX provides tournament organizers and companies in this industry is really great to see. Furthermore, there may be many viewers, which means HyperX’s products will be able to draw a lot of attention.