PUBG Lite Open Beta has come to all players around the world with a brand new game mode, Lite Pass, Survival Point System, and skins.

New 4 vs 4 Team Death Match

How to enter 4vs4 match

In order to player 4vs4, click on the 4VS4 MATCH (BETA) tab under the PLAY menu at the top of the screen. Choose the mode and press confirm. Press START to find a match when you are ready. Currently, the mode is only available for FPP.

How To Play 4vs4 1
How to play 4vs4 in PUBG Lite


The size of the map: 150m x 60m.

Pubglite 2019 07 16 16 44 25 966
It will be a small map with many obstacles

Image 22
The in-game minimap


The first team got 30 kills wins. If the 10 minutes time limit is up and no team has 30 kills yet, the team with more kills wins. If both teams have the same kill count, the match will result in a draw.

How to get weapons

All players will have Lv 1 backpack, Lv 1 helmet, Lv 1 vest, and a grenade at the start of the game.

Pubglite 2019 07 16 16 31 14 345
All available equipment will appear at the spawn spot

Once the match starts, weapons, ammo, and attachments will appear on racks around the spawn area. All weapons are available except for pistols, crossbow, or special weapons in airdrops.

Pubglite 2019 07 16 16 31 32 802
There will be no pistols or the crossbow

Death and revival

Pubg Pc Lite New Bodie Map 4v4 Update Is Here 2 6
After revival, players will be invulnerable for 7 seconds, indicated by the flash bright light around them.

Players will die instantly without getting knocked out and there will be no loot crate spawn after death. Also, you cannot deal damage to any of your teammate.

After 5 seconds, they will be revived with the same equipment with a fixed amount of bullet based on their weapon, 90 bullets for shotguns and 250 bullets for other types of ammo. Gears like armor, helmet, and backpack will also be refreshed.

After revival, players will be invulnerable for 7 seconds, indicated by the flash bright light around them.

Each player will have KILL/DEATH/ASSIST scores displayed on the KDA Status.

Novo Modo 4x4 Esta Bom Demais Pubg Lite 12 35 Scre
There will be a scoreboard after each game


When you are not in combat for 7 seconds, your health will start to increase by 10% per second up to 75%. You can also get health items from vending machines located on both sides at the center of the map.

BP points

The winning team gets 60 BP and the losing team gets 30 BP. If the game is a draw, both teams get 60 BP. For each kill you get, you will earn 5 BP. The MVP of the match will also get a bonus of 30 BP.

PUBG Lite Season 1

Survival Point System

This system is to reward players with items the more they play and the more they win. Players will earn points gradually and receive a better title with a reward once they reached certain points.

Survival System 2
There are 7 titles

PUBG Lite also added a new final title called Lone Survivor title. Players can only get this title by being among one of the top 1,000 players in the game. Also, players need to play at least once per week in order to keep the Lone Survivor title.

Lone Survivor
The new Lone Survivor titles

Note that, the title system has nothing to do with MMR for matchmaking. So your MMR will stay the same when the season end.

Pass System

Lite Pass Rewards
The Lite Pass Season 1

Players can play and complete given missions to earn points to level up Lite Pass. With the Lite Pass: Premium, players will receive more rewards as they level up and more missions to complete.

Challenge Mission
The challenge missions

PUBG Lite also improve their mission system:

-Daily Mission: Players will have 3 sets of daily missions with 3 chances to reset a mission.

-Weekly Mission: Free players will have 4 missions and premium players will have 10 missions.

-Challenges: 5 Players will be given 5 missions for 3 different weapon types.

-New Beginner Mission added.

New skins and items

Special Crate
Police car skin for Dacia

Image 23
More unique items