Have you ever wished you could fight crimes inside the virtual world? Cybercrime appears more and more day by day. Therefore, the world is in need of someone who can protect innocent people from evil and cruel individuals. Well, your wish may have just come true as Anshar Studios has recently announced Gamedec.

In this game, you will become a detective in the virtual world. The game would oblige you to make some difficult moral choices. Furthermore, the most interesting part is that your choices will help shape the storyline and also the character interactions.

About Gamedec

In Gamedec, you will be on a hunt for the virtual worlds’ criminals. The criminals vary from rich, spoiled businesspeople to mothers with a desire for their children to have a better life. Besides, sometimes you even have to fight with corporations which are planning to rewrite the whole humanity.

Gamedec 07 Copy
Gamedec’s RPG mechanics will also give players the freedom to approach things from multiple perspectives.

As a detective, you need to figure out if they work alone or there is someone behind controlling them. Additionally, you have to find out what “happy ending” really means to them and even to you.

Every decision of yours will shape the world in this game, including the personality of your character. Some of the decisions may feel right; however, others may be somewhat unexpected. The game will continually adjust itself to match with your choices. Therefore, you can choose how the game will be and it will never judge, you’re the only one who can judge.

Gamedec 02
The game emulates the nature of a tabletop RPG by focusing on choice-dependent character building.

The game takes place at Warsaw City. The events in the game happen in the XXII century. In this world, “real” is just a relative term. “Life” and “death” contain a lot more meanings than we think.

Virtual worlds cause real-life problems like pride, envy, sloth, and lust. Therefore, the residents living in Warsaw City are desperately in need of specialists. In this world, they call them Gamedecs who explore and exploit cheats well-hidden in their clients’ realities.

Gamedec 04
Solve crimes as a detective in a virtual world and find out the meaning of a happy ending.

Gamedec is similar to the other classic tabletop RPGs. Therefore, you can approach the given situations from many different angles instead of having only one fixed solution. Remember: the decisions are for you to make.

Gamedec will be available on PC next year!