Sin Slayers is a dark RPG set in a fantasy world, the Valley of Fallen Sinners, where our heroes were sent to after their death. Your mission is to help them get across seven cursed lands, kill the seven Sin Lords, Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sorrow, Greed, Gluttony, Lust and destroy the seven magical seals to get back to life. Here is the trailer of the game.

You will get to choose 3 heroes for your team within a pool of 10 different heroes, each with their own story, unique specialization, and abilities. Along the journey, there will be some Old Churches for you to change your heroes, rest, change your equipment, and learn new skills.

Screenshot Scenemenu
Sin Slayers is set in a dark underworld realm

Each Sin Lord rules a realm, so you will have to visit every one of them, from primeval forests to the graveyard of the fallen heroes. Each location will have its own curse. For example, eating in the Forest of Gluttony will increase your Sinfulness and cause monsters to become tougher. Every location and monster is randomly generated so each time you play will be a new experience.

Screenshot Scenebatt
You will control a party of 3 heroes, each with their own unique characterizes

The environment and atmosphere of the game are inspired by games like Bloodborne, Dark Souls, and Diablo. The developer has done a great job portraying them through monsters, dialogues, design, and cursed regions.

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Each Sin Lords will have their own realm

In the game, there are a ton of quests, items, secrets in the game for you to explore. Combat will be turn-based like classic JRPG games. Each character has their own skill tree with different strength and weakness. Change your party as you like to adapt to different environments and enemies.

Sin Slayer will be released for PC through Steam on September 5, 2019.