From the name of Evil Lands: Online Action RPG (yes, that is its full title), you can probably already figure out what kind of game it is. That's right, it is an online RPG that features a series of battles in a land full of monsters!

Evil Land
The game is now available worldwide on mobile platforms!

In Evil Lands: Online Action RPG, there're lots of characters for players to choose from, including classes such as sorceress, warrior, and assassin. Make your own decision, and become the bravest hero. You will need to master your skills, learn how to survive and collect materials in order to reach that goal. A fantasy adventure is waiting for you and other players. Don't let these evil creatures prevent you from exploring mysterious environments of this haunted medieval realm!

Evil Land 2
Evil Lands: Online Action RPG looks like an RPG on PC or consoles.

The description of Evil Lands: Online Action RPG on Google play describes its world as "a dungeon full of darkness". As an online real-time multiplayer RPG, the game has a wide variety of maps and missions for you to complete.

Evil Lands: Online Action RPG has two main modes: PvP and Co-Op. Just like other RPGs, you can either enjoy the journey with your friends or face each other in PvP battles.

Evil Land 3
Accomplish missions to become the greatest warrior!

The developer seems to have done a good job with the game's visuals, as everything looks absolutely incredible. Take a look at the trailer below to appreciate the console-quality graphics of this new mobile RPG:

Sounds exciting? If you're into mobile games that offer an immersive and detailed world, Evil Lands: Online Action RPG is a title that might be worth checking out. Visit its Google Play page to get it for your Android device, or look for it on the App Store if you are an iOS user, then set out on your adventure right now!