Hundred Soul is a relatively new name that has attracted a good amount of attention of the mobile gamer community. The title might be unfamiliar for some people, but it was in fact announced way back in 2016 under the name Project 100. It released a Closed Beta version on 21 September 2017, and has now officially come to Android.

This is an action-RPG game made by Hound 13, a Korean game studio that was established by the co-founder of Eyedentity Games. For those who don’t know, Eyedentity Games is the name behind the well-known MMORPG Dragon Nest Online. Since its announcement in 2016, Hundred Soul has impressed players with its stunning graphics.

Hundred Soul Trailer

Korean-made mobile games have always had a strong presence in the mobile gaming world due to their high-quality graphics and interesting gameplay, and Hundred Soul is no exception. The very fact that it received the attention of the community in a market as saturated as mobile games is already a testament to its quality.

Made using the Unity Engine, the visuals of Hundred Soul is just magnificent. The characters, the monsters, and the environment are all rendered in beautiful 3D models. Many people say it is the Koreans who are closing the gap between console and mobile graphics, and for a very good reason. Certainly, the graphics of Hundred Soul is comparable to that of several console games.

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Beautiful graphics

Besides the graphics, the gameplay of Hundred Soul is also no slouch either. The combat system is spectacular and versatile. It allows you to combine melee attacks with special abilities to create stylish combos. All the animations for attacking, jumping, evading etc. are seamless, which creates a smooth and satisfying combat experience. The game also features several memorable boss fights, from the legendary Chimera to a giant hammer-wielding Minotaur. Furthermore, there are over a hundred types of equipment, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

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Satisfying action

If all this sounds interesting to you, you can grab Hundred Soul on Google Play Store right now.