Back in June we reported that the epic sci-fi game Second Galaxy was entering open beta, and now, after a few months, the game is finally ready for release, with the official launch date set to be September 10th.

This massive space-trading game is one of the most anticipated games of this year. This is due a large part to its uniquely hardcore flavor. While most space-themed games we’ve seen so far are RTS or shooters, Second Galaxy is a fully-fledged space opera in the same vein as the likes of Eve Online. It’s basically the very first interstellar MMORPG on mobile. It comes as no surprise, then, that the game has received over 1 million pre-registration up to this point.

Second Galaxy Feature Image 1
Second Galaxy promises to be "revolutionary"

If the hype alone is not enough to capture your interest, take a closer look at the gameplay itself in our sneak peek here. The visuals are extremely polished, the designs are innovative, and the details are just slick.

Still, even though Second Galaxy is one of the first – if not the first – mobile games to try to tackle the hardcore nature of Eve Online, it’s still newbie-friendly and accessible. There are plenty of tutorial missions to help new players get the hang of the game, while controlling ships and participating in dogfights is immersive and intuitive thanks to a collection of handy on-screen commands.

Second Galaxy
The graphics are slick, and the controls are simple and intuitive

Don’t let the simple controls fool you, though, as the actual content is anything but easy. In addition to a rich story featuring huge conflicts between rival factions, there are legion systems, battleship systems, and so on that are sure to keep even the most dedicated players engaged. You’ll have the option to customize basically every element of your fleet as well.

Second Galaxy Feature Image 3
A massive galaxy with rich stories to explore

As mentioned, Second Galaxy is hitting mobile platforms on September 10th. For more information, visit the game’s official Facebook page.