Second Galaxy, a greatly expected space trading MMO for mobile, is now being tested and will be officially released in the shortest time. A few selected players have been granted the chance to experience the tested version through getting acquainted with the structure of the game, marveling at the cosmic scenes, and discovering the possibilities behind the galactic theme.

Second Galaxy’s introducing poster

Below is the sneak peek of what these players are receiving from this chance:

Through numerous features of the game, they are able to experience every aspect of space exploration, standing in the third person’s play to witness a panoramic view of many magnificent interstellar scenes.

From floating structures and spaceships to equipment and weapons, every object can be seen right from the screen. Even those battles that accidentally occur in the surrounding areas are not excluded.

With the aim of strengthening the game’s attraction to the players, the UI disappears automatically if there are no activities in a long time, which will bring about an unadulterated, clean view of the game.

A clear view with many functions visible right from the screen

In addition, there is a star map view, enabling players to move from one galaxy to another easily. This function is possibly the best way to appreciate Second Galaxy’s great number of planets and galaxies waiting for the players’ exploration. Space jump, which permits the extension to distant galaxies, opens the players’ eyes to the incredible galactic scenery.

With a great range of equipment and ships, Second Galaxy allows players to construct their own spacecraft. In the beginning, only by finishing missions can players receive new Destroyers and Frigates. Later on, Titan class battleships can be unlocked.

The game provides players with numerous rewarded battleships through missions

However, these rewarded ships are not always able to be used right at that time. Players are required to achieve the necessary licenses by carrying out a license mission related to the ship being discussed. These missions are an assessment test for players’ knowledge of equipment and weapons, as well as their ability to controlling the spaceship. After finishing the driving test, the owner can freely make changes to their craft, such as equipping them with massive guns.

Customization in Second Galaxy is practically a mini-game in its own rights, with countless mixtures of available equipment. Players can optimize their ships for either long-range or close-range combat as they see fit, with long-range ordinance that provides protection for their allies and holds enemies at bay, or heavy firepower for direct slugging.

There are more than 50,000 planets waiting for exploration

On top of complicated battle systems and extensive space travel, Second Galaxy is also likely to provide players with an advanced real-time trading system across the globe.

The advanced real-time global trading system offered by Second Galaxy

What’s more, there is no need for players to even join the server. As long as players’ location services are on, they will be able to automatically deploy their ships and captains to different planets to have their resources collected.

Second Galaxy was built from scratch as an immersive and unique sci-fi experience for mobile. From dynamic warfare to the in-game economy, the game has enough diverse elements to draw attraction from every type of gamers.

The official Reddit community and Facebook page of Second Galaxy are open right now. As a result, interested players can have a look through them to receive more information about the game as well as the release date. And when the game is officially out and in operation, these channels can act as a way of communication between fellow players.