The vast emptiness of space has become the inspiration for many video games over the years, and now, it looks like we’re getting another addition to the collection as the MMORPG Second Galaxy from developer ZLONGAME is scheduled to hit mobile very soon.

The story of Second Galaxy is set 3000 years into the future in an alternate reality where humanity has obtained the means to traverse through space. Civilizations have now established their own empires amidst the stars in this “Second Galaxy”, intending to colonize the universe even further.

Second Galaxy Official Trailer

There are a total of 5 major empires sharing this stretch of space, and so conflicts are inevitable. Over the years, these empires have established a state of delicate balance that keeps everything in check as they fall in and out of favor with one another.

As you adventure through this politically complex setting, you’ll come into contact with these 5 regimes and must form allegiances with them. Through your choices, you will ultimately have a critical impact on the game’s constantly-evolving narrative.

Second Galaxy 3 690x388
The vast emptiness of space awaits your exploration!

Second Galaxy is a genuine sandbox title, so you can basically do whatever you want. You can become a warlord, an explorer, a poacher, a merchant, or any combination of those and more. Naturally, since this is a multiplayer game, you can also team up or compete against other players.

The scale of the game is absolutely massive, spreading across a region over 1000 light years in diameter, with more than 50 thousand stars, 150 types of spacecraft, 1000-plus kinds of tactical equipment, and 5,000 technological upgrades. All of this results in virtually endless customization options, which is further advanced by the game’s dynamic economic system and intuitive industrial development system.

Second Galaxy 2 690x388
A massive universe with virtually endless possibilities

Second Galaxy is entering open beta next week on the 5th of July. For more information, visit its official website as well as Facebook fan page.