A sequel to the excellent roguelike space exploration game Out There that was released in 2014, Out There: Oceans of Time seeks to expand upon the foundation set by its predecessor. The game will be available on both Android and iOS – but it’ll be quite a while before we can actually get our hands on it, as it is planned to launch in Winter 2020.

Out There
Released back in 2014, Out There was an acclaimed roguelike space exploration game

The setting of Oceans of Time takes place in this secluded part of the universe where alien species have a strong distrust toward humankind. An extremely dangerous alien called The Archon has just escaped from prison, so now it is up to you to go and bring it back by whatever means necessary.

There are not many screenshots about the game just yet as it is still relatively early in its development cycle. However, there is a short trailer, which we’ve included below for you to see. It shows a ship landing on a gorgeous planet with lush plants growing all over the place. If all planets in the game will look this good, it'll definitely be a treat to the eye.

Similar to the original Out There, Oceans of Time will be a roguelike game, meaning death is permanent. Every time you die, you'll have to start over from the very beginning. The world (or worlds, as is the case here) will be randomly generated as well, so no two runs will be the same.

Along your journey, you will encounter many species of aliens can even try to recruit them to your crew. No doubt they will be a big help on your expeditions through long-forgotten realms with ancient cities or abandoned spaceships.

Out There: Oceans of Time
If all planets in Out There: Oceans of Time look like this, it'll definitely be a treat to the eye

As mentioned, Out There: Oceans of Time will eventually come to both Google Play and the App Store, but the developer has stated that the game won’t be ready until winter next year. In the meantime, you can check out the original Out There if you have not played it before!