We've taken an interest in Void Tyrant ever since the first time we laid eyes on it, and now that the game is here, it doesn't disappoint. This is a fantastic free-2-try game, which you could also choose to pay to unlock the game entirely. The guys over at Armor Games - the publisher and Quite Fresh - the developer have done an excellent job with this simple yet beautiful game. This space adventure does feature some great chops.

In Void Tyrant, you play by drawing cards from a cards deck of numbers from 1 to 6. The goal here is getting as close to 12 as you can but not over it - kind of like in Blackjack. However, there is also a usable cards deck that you can use to give yourself buffs and effects, which helps to change the balance of the match. Be aware that your opponent can also use these cards.

There is that Incendiary card that reduces the max goal by 1 point, from 12 to 11, for example. I don't like that card because even though its effect sounds insignificant, in reality, it could reduce your chance of winning by up to 40% if you got it used against you, as your opponent can still get to 12.

Void Tyrant, a deck-building space adventure

The setting brings you on an adventure through many planets with various biospheres to erase the evil. To accomplish that, you will take turns flipping the cards over and compare the results. Despite what it sounds like, this is a highly addictive game in which you have many ways to manipulate the simple combat concept. There are many mechanics that you can make use of such as discovering and leveling up special cards, gathering more gear, recruiting followers, etc.

Void Tyrant Gameplay
You will take turns flipping the cards over and compare the results.

You will get better every time you play the game. When you become familiar with all those mechanics and combine them with unlockable races, classes, and base upgrades, you will see that this game offer you a sense of progress that hooks you on for hours on end.

You will get access to more fascinating mechanics as you unlock more classes, new travelers, and new races. The basic cards simply add more points to your count, while more advanced cards could give you various effect such as debuffing the enemy or letting you know what the next card draw with be.

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Advanced cards could give you various effects

Void Tyrant features deck-building gameplay, which is complex but not too much. When you play a particular number card, you could discard a card and replace with another card. There are also special events where you can pare down your entire deck of cards or make duplicates. In general, the more you play, the better the cards will be.

It is not an easy game

Each planet features its own quest objectives, secret areas, and boss.

Every planet you go to features its quest objectives, secret areas, and boss. When you have conquered enough planets, you could go to the end-game destination. It is a hard quest just to get there, and since the last update, the developer has increased the difficulty of Void Tyrant. You will have to carefully go through the unlock system and base upgrade to even have a chance of overcoming this game.

The main route of advancement in Void Tyrant from one run to the next is the side quests and the prestige-style system. Similar to the majority of roguelike titles, Void Tyrant places impossible missions before you at first, but they will become more solvable as you progress.

One of the advancement routes in Void Tyrant from match to match is the side quests.

In-game purchases

And like most free-2-play games, Void Tyrant also features in-game purchases, but they are of the best type, in my opinion. It only has 3 one-time purchase items. And if you buy all of them, you practically unlock the full, ad-free experience for just 4.99 dollars (Rs 345). These items will also give you access to a type of coin doubler, fortune cards, and Ressurection chance. While those are all nice things, their existences do not break the balance of the game. Buy them as your own will.


All in all, Void Tyrant is an awesome game. Honestly,  5 bucks is an extremely nice deal for the amount of quality content it offers. Whether you're a fan of card games, space adventures, or roguelike, Void Tyrant has something for you. It's a game that will probably stay on your phone for a long time.