For some reason, several critically acclaimed games on PC and consoles have suddenly decided to make the jump over to mobile this week without any prior announcement at all. Just yesterday we reported on the launch of thatgamecompany’s Journey on iOS, and now, Rogue Legacy from Cellar Door Games has also arrived on the App Store under the name Rogue Legacy: Wanderer Edition.

Rogue Legacy: Wanderer Edition Trailer

Originally released back in 2013 for PC, Rogue Legacy was the go-to roguelike action-platformer for about half a decade until it was (arguably) dethroned by Dead Cells last year. The basic premise is that you have to control an entire family tree of aspiring heroes to explore a constantly-changing castle. Every time your character dies, you’ll move on to control his heir to carry on with the quest. Luckily, permanent skills that you’ve unlocked persist, so you don’t have to worry about losing your progress.

Rogue Legacy
Explore a constantly-changing castle full of dangers


Rogue Legacy could have come to mobile sooner, but the developer couldn’t trust another studio to handle the control scheme on the touchscreen and wanted "to be completely hands-on" with the project. As a result, it took longer.

With that being the case, it’s understandable that Rogue Legacy: Wanderer Edition isn’t just a barebones mobile adaptation. It has rebalanced the difficulty and added plenty of new features including touchscreen controls that promise to be “natural feeling”, a couple of extra mini-bosses, 3 new armor sets and traits, dozens of new rooms that you might encounter during your exploration of the castle, and New Game Plus in which your max level is increased with each round.

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The mobile port promises "natural feeling" controls, new minibosses, and plenty of other content

Rogue Legacy: Wanderer Education is currently up for grab on the App Store at a discounted price of only $0.99 (Rs 70). This offer will last until this Sunday, the 11th of August, after which it’ll cost you four times as much, so don’t hesitate if you are interested.