Hook Worlds, the third entry in the trilogy of hook-swinging games from the mobile developer RocketCator, is now accessible via GameClub's Early Access Program on Testflight. Originally released for the iOS platform back in 2010, the game is now having a chance to be alive again in today's iOS landscape.

Hook Worlds
Hook Worlds is now available in GameClub’s Early Access Program.

If this is the first time you've heard about GameClub, the following information could be useful: GameClub is the name of a group of people whose prime purpose is to bring back aged but brilliant mobile games to modern devices. Despite debuting just a couple of months ago, the group has successfully revived many classics such as Sword of Fargoal, Wooords, Zombie Match Defense, Chopper 2, Incoboto and Cubed Rally World. The series of hook-swinging games by RocketCat is one of those, and it just got the latest entry added.

The trailer for Hook Worlds in 2010

Hook Champ is the first game in the series revived by GameClub in March. The second title, Super QuickHook, follows shortly after, in early May. Nearly 2 months have passed, and the third hook-swinging game called Hook Worlds finally hit the Early Access Program of GameClub on July 22. While the first two games both have their own pre-designed levels and also a singleplayer mode with unique storylines, Super QuickHook came up with Avalanche Mode, which featured an endless run where you'd have to outrun a fast-approaching avalanche right behind your back. And all that seem to be the inspirations of Hook Worlds.

Hook Worlds 3
The game is all about hooking and swinging.

In fact, Hook Worlds have four different worlds for players to jump in:
Word 1 - Curse of the Watcher: You will play as Gramps and try to run faster than an evil guardian spirit using his rechargeable Rocket Boots. For a certain extent, its gameplay is similar to Hook Champ's.
Word 2 - Bounty Gunne: Now Zelle will be under your control. The character from the second game, Super QuickHook, makes a return with a revolver that is extremely useful when she wants to destroy evil pirate spirits.
World 3 - Cybergnome 202X: This time, you got a chance to begin the journey with Gnomey. But not like other worlds, our character can freely manipulate gravity. This is also considered the most difficult and enjoyable world due to its requirement for the consistent focus in order to hook and swing flawlessly.
World 4 - Hook Champ 1000: this could be the true heir to the original Hook Champ. With the Commodore 64-inspired graphics, the fourth world seems to successfully bring back the pure hook-swinging mechanic by RocketCat on a smaller scale.

Hook Worlds 2
There is a total of 4 worlds to explore.

However, Hook Worlds came out with major changes, and the biggest one should be that in-game characters will now automatically run to the right. This could lead to significant impacts on the gameplay. With only two inputs required, left side for special abilities and right side for the hook, Hook Worlds now becomes more easy to approach than ever.

Hook Worlds 4
You only have to pay 99 cents for this classic back in 2010.

This brings to mind that when Hook Worlds first introduced itself to the world in 2010, developer RocketCat charged only 99¢ (Rs 68) for each copy. Anyone who purchased the game in the first weekend also received Hook Champ 1000 - the fourth world as a gift. While the level was made available for everyone shortly after, this interesting detail could give the fans of the RocketCat's hook-swinging titles a nostalgia for the good old time, when we were actually happy even with little incentives.

Hook Worlds 1
The new version of the game is now available on Testflight.

Hook Worlds' revived version is currently free on Testflight. You can enjoy all four worlds at once, but you need to sign up on their website for GameClub Early Access first. For more information, you can follow their Discord channel. These humble guys of GameClub usually keep their fans posted with latest details on upcoming titles.