Developer GameClub recently announced that it is bringing back old titles from the dead, and amongst the games included in its list, Incoboto was one that attracted a lot of attention from the community. Originally released exclusively for iPad back in 2012, Incoboto is a puzzle game that shared the same idea as Super Mario Galaxy or Portal. Its clever physics-based puzzles and abundant charms captured the hearts of many players.

Incoboto Trailer

It’s not surprising, then, that fans are dying to get the chance to play Incoboto again. Luckily, they won’t have to wait too long.  GameClub has announced today that the game will be available for early access testing on Monday, April 8th. If you are a fan of this classic or just want to try out something new, don’t forget to sign up!

The game's unique physics-based puzzles captured the hearts of many players

Throughout its existence on the App Store, Incoboto was critically acclaimed by many major gaming sites and was even nominated for BAFTA’s Best Mobile/Handheld Game Award in 2013. Not only does the game make great use of the nature of the mobile platform, but its powerful themes also elevates it into something so much more.

It is a lot more than just another casual puzzler

GameClub’s decision to resurrect old titles is no doubt partly because the studio wants to ensure the legacy of the classics and deliver a trip of nostalgia to older players, but the bigger reason is that it wants to bring these games to an entirely new audience, those who might never have even heard of these names before.

If you look at the current line-up of GameClub and find that nothing interests you, let us assure you: There almost certainly is. You just need to take a leap of faith and give one of those games a try. And what better time to start than right now? Incoboto’s upcoming early access program doesn’t cost you anything, so give it a chance and sign up on GameClub’s official website!