Returner Zhero - Final Cut is the sequel to the puzzle adventure game Returner 77. It has finally arrived on Google Play Store 6 months after the release of the iOS version. The game features a unique story in which players are put in the shoes of scientists who must spend the last half decade of their lives frozen on an alien spaceship. Now, they must overcome a series of puzzles of increasing difficulty in order to find a way to return to Earth.

A promo video for the game

Returner Zhero - Final Cut has gorgeous graphics, but what makes the game really shine is its extensive puzzle-based gameplay. You control your character in a first-person perspective and must solve various logical puzzles to activate the alien technology to reveal the mysteries of the past as well as what might come in the future, which might help you find a way to escape the spaceship and return to Earth.

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Gorgeous graphics

To ensure that players won’t be stuck at a puzzle for too long, the game has added an AI guide that they can take advantage of at any time. Furthermore, there are several live-action videos that you can unlock as you progress to the game. These videos tell the backstory of how your character got onto the spacecraft in the first place.

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Challenging puzzles

Like its predecessor, Returner Zhero - Final Cut is a premium title that will set you back $4.99 (Rs 350) if you want to get it from Google Play. Needless to say, there are no ads or IAPs included.

If you are looking for a worthy puzzle/adventure game to play, Returner Zhero - Final Cut is undoubtedly a great option. The sci-fi theme is intriguing, the visuals are superb, and of course, the quality of the puzzles will leave you with nothing to complain about. $4.99 is not exactly cheap for a mobile game, but it is worth every penny!