After a successful initial launch on Steam a bit more than a year ago, the challenging open-world puzzle game Pipe Push Paradise from Canadian developers Teodoro Zamudio and Corey Martin made its way to consoles in late 2018 – early 2019. Now, the game has finally become available on Android and iOS. With soothing music and a cartoony art style that, as one of the developers put it, “wouldn’t look out of place in a dusty old travel guide to Puerto Rico", not to mention the brilliantly designed puzzles that often drive you out of your mind but leave you craving for more, Pipe Push Paradise is easily one of the best puzzle games out there.

Pipe Push Paradise - iOS / Android Trailer

The mobile platform is home to tons of puzzle games such as Keiffer Bros’ Blockwick series or the classic Pipe Dreams in which you are tasked with arranging pipes of different shapes so that they connect together and form a continuous pipeline that water can flow through. Pipe Push Paradise is kind of like a combination of those two, with some spatial puzzles like what you’d see from the likes of Stephen’s Sausage Roll or Campfire Cooking thrown into the mix just for good measures.

Ok, you’re probably a bit confused having just read through tons of names, but don’t pay too much attention to them, just take this away: Pipe Push Paradise is an incredibly clever attempt to bring together several different elements, and it totally pulls it off while managing to establish its own style in the process.

Pipe Push Paradise Screenshot 01 Ps4 Us 14jan2018

Let’s talk more about the setting of the game: Your uncle was the plumber of a small town, but he had fallen into a long nap for months (Yes, the game doesn’t take itself too seriously, so neither should you, just roll with it). This leaves the town in dire need of some plumbing work. Now, with you dropping in for a visit, the townsfolk have turned their gaze towards you to ask for help. Lucky for them, plumbing seems to run in the family. So you take on your uncle’s job, which has you going from stage to stage fixing the pipe system. To do this, all you have to do is moving the pipes that the level gives you to connect 2 water sources while still leaving a way for yourself to exit. Of course, that is just the basics. As you progress, more elements will be introduced.

All this might sound simple, but in reality, it is a lot harder than you’d expect, and in a good way. You can either move the pipes around as they are, or roll them upright, which completely changes their position. To accomplish the task, you will have to think of how to position each pipe and plan out how you want to arrange them in the limited space you have. And remember: You have to be able to walk out afterward.

Pipe Push Paradise - Launch Trailer

Pipe Push Paradise is one of those games that challenge your ability to think ahead, sometimes many moves, and one miscalculation can (and most often will) lead to you being stuck. Luckily, the game provides you with an undo button, which will come in handy. With this, you are free to try out any ideas that you have in mind without having to worry about permanently putting yourself in a hard spot. When you do manage to find the solution, it is absolutely delightful. More often than not you’ll find yourself smiling from ear to ear at how unexpected or clever the answer is. The wacky characters, attractive arts, and relaxing soundtrack all come together to create a puzzle game that will put your mind to the test but at the same time make you feel relaxed. You just simply can’t get mad even when you get stuck without a clue of what to do. Yes, the touch-based controls might be a little fiddly from times to times, but since there is no time limit and you can undo your moves whenever you want, it doesn’t cause any big problem. If you are a fan of puzzle games and like to practice your logical thinking, Pipe Push Paradise is definitely worth spending $4 (Rs 280) on.