Released on Google Play yesterday and available for players from all over the world, Woody™ Battle from developer ATHENA Studio is a new puzzle game that promises to deliver a fair challenge to every player using randomly-generated blocks.

The idea is pretty intriguing. What’s more unique is that Woody™ Battle is actually an online real-time PvP game in which two players compete against each other. The goal is to achieve a higher score while at the same time making it difficult for your opponent.

Woody™ Battle Official Trailer

A good player will look at the board and try to come up with the next step to progress. A great player, however, will think five or six steps ahead. You could see this game as a form of chess. Simply being perceptive is not enough. If you want to win, you really have to put your mind into it and think of ways you can outsmart your opponent. To make the challenges even greater, there is a time limit too. Each match only lasts 3 minutes, so you can’t take too long.

Woody Battle
Compete against another player in real time

Aside from all that, there are several cool features to keep you interested as well. As mentioned, all battles will be in real time, meaning you can see what your rival is doing at that exact moment and try to outpace them. But what if you keep losing? Don’t worry. There’s a Replay System that allows you to rewatch matches you’ve played to see what you did wrong. On the other hand, if you think you’ve had a great match, you can also use this feature to save the replay and watch it again later to enjoy your genius.

Woody Battle 1
There is a ranking system as well

You can even share these replays with friends and challenge them to a blocky battle. Smash them to prove once and for all who is the smartest!

If you are interested, Woody™ Battle is currently available on Google Play.