Yesterday, it was announced that the physics-based puzzle game Human: Fall Flat is coming to Android thanks to a partnership between publishers Curve Digital and 505 Games. If you have not heard of this game before, it is a hilarious puzzle game that takes place in a surreal and goofy world. Your goal is to find a way to escape a level and move on to the next by solving various puzzles using nothing but your wits. The idea is simple, but in the actual gameplay, it is a lot more challenging and interesting than it sounds. Check out the original trailer of the game below:

Originally released in 2016 on Steam, Human: Fall Flat quickly attracted a lot of attention with its unique designs and high entertainment quality. As of now, the game has received over 21,000 reviews on Steam, 90% of which are positive.

Human Fall Flat

Since its first launch, Human: Fall Flat has made its way to various platforms including PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and now with the upcoming Android version, the developers have said that they want to optimize the gameplay on the touchscreen to deliver the same experience as other platforms. The other versions even have online support too, meaning we have reasons expect the same from this mobile port.

We must wait for an official statement from the developers before we can say for certain, however. As for the price, there is no specific number mentioned either, but Human: Fall Flat on Android is most likely going to be a premium app with a cheaper price than the console versions.

Human Fall Flat 1

As of now, there is no release date for this Android port. What we do know is that It is being developed by Codeglue, the same company that is behind the mobile version of Terraria, so at least it is in good hands. If you have played Human: Fall Flat before on other platforms and now want to take it with you in your pocket, or if you are just a puzzle lover looking for a new game to play, you should definitely keep an eye out for this one.