Last month we reported that the awesome action/platformer game Unbroken Soul was hitting iOS at the end of June, and now there’s more good news: It has also made its way to the Android platform today as well! In case you missed it, check out the trailer for the game below as well as our previous coverage here.

So as you can see, with its colorful 2D pixelated graphics, Unbroken Soul could very well be mistaken for a classic from the NES era if not for the virtual buttons that replace the role of a controller. The story puts you on an adventure to save the world of Alaron from Elaniof the necromancer.

In term of gameplay, that translates into an extremely entertaining action/platforming experience. All the mechanics you’d expect from a game of this genre are here, allowing you to swing, double jump, and wall hop your way through tons of deadly traps, all the while fending off fearsome enemies with your sword and bow.

There's a power progression system here too. As you vanquish enemies, you’ll collect their souls and later trade them for various upgrades. Moreover, the game does offer a decent collection of bosses for you to overcome, from a Minotaur wielding a great axe, to massive stone giants, to a nasty blob of slime.

Unbroken Soul Boss
Challenging bosses to overcome

Now, it’s true that Unbroken Soul doesn’t offer anything particularly new: The story is just your usual “hero save the world” cliché, and the gameplay just follows a motif that has been done many times before. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. This tried-and-true 2D action/platformer formula has stood the test of time, and you know what they say: If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Unbroken Soul Environment
Beautiful 2D pixelated graphics

Things don’t have to be new to be good, and Unbroken Soul is outstanding at what it does. The pace is fast and dynamic, and with it comes that accidental rhythm, that satisfaction when you perfectly execute a series of well-timed action.  This is not an easy thing to convey, yet Unbroken Soul absolutely nails it. Head over to the Play Store to grab it for your Android device right now!