Witcheye is a 2D platformer that was originally revealed all the way back in 2017. This morning, it has gone up for pre-registration the Play Store, and developer Peter Malamud Smith has announced on his Twitter it will officially launch on August 15th. Smith has had several well-received titles to his name, so this game is certainly one worth looking forward to. Check out the trailer for Witcheye below:

From the trailer, we can have a decent idea of what Witcheye has to offer. At the beginning of your adventure, you’ll take on the role of a spurned witch that has now transformed into a floating eyeball to pursue the knight who stole her cauldron and spell ingredients. Now, it’s up to you to guide the witch through a series of 50 distinct levels to get her stuff back.

Witcheye Levels
Defeat enemies across a total of 50 levels

As you can expect from these kinds of game, you’ll encounter many enemies along the way, including some pretty challenging bosses. The levels also contain plenty of hidden secrets for you to discover, and if you think that’s still not enough, there’s a bonus hard mode and a speedrun mode as well.

Witcheye Boss
There are several challenging bosses to overcome

As of right now, there's no information on how the monetization model of the game will be on Android, but if you visit its Apple App Store page, you'll see that it's offered for a price of $2.99 (Rs 210). This gives us a rough idea of how much the Android version will cost, but do keep in mind that there are discrepancies between the two platforms sometimes. In any case, it’s very likely going to be a premium release.

If you're a fan of 2D platformers, Witcheye looks like a game you’ll want to keep an eye out for. More details will probably surface when the game is nearing its launch, so stay tuned!