The Royale Pass for PUBG Mobile has just been launched recently – carrying a warrior themed updates to all users who bought the item. From first glance, we can see quite an array of impressive new gun skins, plane skins, parachute trails, emotes and outfits. With this update, the gameplay experiences of players would definitely get a boost, with all the new weird items added to the game.

Season 9's RP has been a trove of quality skins

With the release of Season 9, players can now share a customized stats page to their social media accounts (you have to link it with the PUBG Mobile account first). Another notable quality of Life feature added is the real-time ping rates during matchmaking, which has improved players’ ability to deal with a faulty internet connection. However, these issues below are some of the most demanded problems that PUBG Corp. should have included in the RP update.

Remove soldiers’ crate items and silver fragments from the drop list of other crates

Items which can only be purchased with real money and items which can be bought with in-game currency should be kept separate, as it is very unfair for players who bought UC just to get either silver fragments and soldier’s items, which can already be obtained using in-game coins. Furthermore, removing those items from paid crates would guarantee the purchasing player an item, which in turn would motivate them to buy even more UC.

Revamp the base set of Free Emotes

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You can unlock up to 75 rewards

The current set of free emotes available in PUBG are getting more and more dated after every passing day. It would be a great chance to see something new getting added to replace the old ones in the Royale Pass of Season 9.

New Team Death Match map

The warehouse is the only map available to be played at the moment in PUBG Mobile. The map is a small closed location with simplified terrains, suitable for random firefights. The game mode has been a great success and maybe it is time to add more variance to the Team Death Match mode.

New voice commands and announcers

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A warrior themed update would make this RP distinctly different than the previous ones

PUBG Mobile has been using the same voice over for commands for quite a while and it might be high time to implement a new facet for the communication system. A new voice for the commands would break the currently overused monotony – and given the popularity of this system, the players would definitely be stoked for it.

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