Have you watched Alice in Wonderland? In the first part of the movie, Alice saw White Rabbit who was wearing a waistcoat so she curiously followed him to the Rabbit Hole. Eventually, she fell down and went to the strange fantasy world of Underland, a world with magic, talking animals, and danger. That was the first thing popped up in my mind after I saw the new announcement trailer of Drake Hollow which was revealed at X019.

Drake Hollow Announce Trailer 0 21 Screenshot 620e_wm
A curious girl follows an animal to a gate that leads to another world, does that sound familiar?

Here in the trailer, we have a bored girl who sees a strange black crow with a compass on its neck. She then follows it to a magical gate and accidentally gets dragged into a world with talking mandrakes who help her to build a base and fight against hostile creatures made of thorn vine. You can check out the trailer of Drake Hollow for yourself below.

Drake Hollow is an action base-building game in a fantasy world of Drakes from The Molasses Flood. Players can choose to play alone or with up to 3 other friends to explore a procedurally generated world. You will have to gather resources from nature to build your camp and survive first. After that, you need to find Drakes in the wilderness to raise them and save them from dangerous creatures.

Drake Hollow Announce Trailer 0 57 Screenshot 27b7_wm
Build your own village to save native creatures called Drakes

Like any other survival base-building game, managing your resources is always the most important priority. Ask yourself, "What do you need the most at the moment?" "Should you reinforce your defense first or should you spend to make your place thriving first?"

Drake Hollow Announce Trailer 1 10 Screenshot 78b2_wm
Fight against dangerous creatures

That is all the information we have for now about this game. More details will be revealed later by the developer. Drake Hollow is now under development and will be released for PC and Xbox One next year.