Kart racing games were too mainstream at this moment with Mario Kart or Garfield Kart, so developers need to have new unique ideas to steal the spotlights. So, what about racing on the back of your Touhou favorite girls?

Gensou SkyDrift takes exactly this concept, as it is the unique racing game where you take control of a girl from Touhou and sky-drifting on the back of another girl! The game was announced yesterday and will come to PC, Switch, and PS4 very soon!

Here's the trailer of Gensou SkyDrift, which you can watch to see how fun this double-rider game looks:

Overview on Gensou SkyDrift

Gensou SkyDrift is a new racing game from the developer Unites Games that take the magical world and characters of Touhou Project into the roster. To be more specific, you'll choose two from 20 playable magical girls from Touhou and join the neck-breaking high-speed race in the beautiful sky of Gensokyo.

Gensou Skydrift Pc Ps4 Switch Revealed 2
Gensou SkyDrift introduce a fun way to play with the fan-favorite girls of Touhou Project

But you might question: why we have to choose two characters? The answer is very simple if you watch the trailer: the vehicle that you're riding on is your partner! In detail, one will stay on the top and control the other girl flying to the finish line. Even better, you can freely switch the position of the two at any time you want.

Another question arises: What's the point of switching? Well, each 'driver' has her unique controlling stats and skills, which you can make the best use out of certain situations. Hence, switching between the two girls allows you to diversify your strategy. Mastering the skills of all 20 characters will be crucial to make you and your partner the final winners.

Gensou Skydrift Pc Ps4 Switch Revealed 1
Switch the rider at any time to make use of their spells and piloting skills!

Additionally, Gensou SkyDrift features over 15 maps for you to race with your friends, each has different set-ups as well as upbeat soundtracks. However, there's one similar thing between every map - the magical hoops. Passing through every one of them will grant you a temporary speed boost as well as fill up your mana bar.

Gensou Skydrift Pc Ps4 Switch Revealed 3
Fly through the hoop to gain decaying speed boost and fill up your mana bar

Later when your mana bar is full, you can use it to create havoc on your opponents with the characters' specific attacking spells. Or if you're leading and are the target of other racers, use it for your defending abilities and stay on top of the race.

Last but not least, Gensou SkyDrift has totally three single-player modes (Story, Time Attack and Versus) plus a multiplayer option to race with your friends. You can invite up to 7 more pals to race on the others' backs and enjoy the atmospheric soundtrack and character of the long-running Touhou Project.

Gensou Skydrift Pc Ps4 Switch Revealed 4
Gensou SkyDrift supports up to 8 players racing in the multiplayer mode

Release date and supported platforms

Gensou SkyDrift will come out for PC via Steam and Switch on December 12. PlayStation 4 players will also receive the game at an unknown date in the first quarter of 2020.